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10mm Feeding Issue

This was originally posted on the "Reloading 101" Thread. Steve suggested I post it as a new thread, so here goes:

I've been reloading for about five years now. I started on a Forster CO-AX and eventually broke down and bought a Dillon 650XL a couple of years ago. Love both machines! I primarily load 10mm on the Dillon. I'm shooting and loading probably 1K of 10mm month. I have several Dillon "Quick Change" Tool Head/Powder Measures setup with favorite powders, bullet types etc. I shoot 10mm Glocks, Dan Wessons, Wilson Combat and have a couple of Smith and Wesson 610's 6 1/2" (cannons, they shoot anything!). All semi-autos have match barrels, Glocks have KKM Precision/Jarvis/Lone Wolf Barrels with full chamber support. I've tuned recoil springs (Wolff and/or Wilson) to accommodate my loads accordingly.

My question/problem: OAL and Failure to Feed issues. All magazines are new. Fixed with the Glocks by shortening the OAL to ~1.245 (Max for 10mm is 1.260). Problem is much better with Dan Wesson's and not a problem with the Wilson Combat now that I have shortened the OAL. I use a taper crimp of .422. Loads are well within "Maximum" loadings for the 10mm and chronograph as expected. I primarily use Montana Gold CMJ's, FMJ's or JHP's. JHP's seem to feed more consistently. When measuring factory loads like Double Tap, I get OAL's all over the place, but consistently between 1.243 to 1.253. I have a Dillon Max Cartridge Gauge and check all my rounds through it. I also randomly check rounds for crimp and OAL with calipers. I need my rounds/guns to be 100%.

Any suggestions, tips or feedback would be appreciated.

-Jay (whenmonkeysfly)
Navy Corpsman, 1971-1975; NRA Patron Life Member; The 10mm "...more energy at 100 yards than a .45 ACP at the muzzle." - Massad Ayoob quoting Col. Jeff Cooper
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10mm, oal, oal and feeding issue, reloading
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