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Firing Pin Spring


Is there a need for concern if the Firing Pin Spring (sotck) was modified to a 4lb. Spring and you DON'T hear any "clanging" noise when holding the Firing Pin Safety down? <----If this question seems confusing please let me know.

Scenario: Stockwise - I have read/ seen instances where when you hold the Firing Pin safety down, and shake the slide up/ down, you are supposed to hear SOME metal contact/ "clanging noise." = supposedly normal.

However, when i recently made some changes (IE 3.5 connector + Firing Ping Spring) to achieve 3- 3.5 lb trigger pull (theoritcally)......i find that there is NO metal contact noise when i test. I have confirmed that everything else is working:

-trigger works
-Slide is functioning as it should
-dry fire (all sounds good ok)

I guess my point it that I am just one of those really observant and jusdgemental about every little thing lol

Should I be concerned?

Off Topic Questions:

1) What are your thoughts on Polishing/ Shining barrels?

2) Are steel casing rounds ok to fire? I ask because i HAVE NEVER had any luck with steel casing ammos (115 gr/ Monarch). Some have said that ANY Glocks will eat right through anything, and I WAS a firm believer in that regards, but not after the 3-4 jams i've had with my Gen4 G19.

***Anyways, I'm sure I'll have more Questions later. Sorry If posted too many questions at once. I'm not new to Forums, but I am here at GT, and i know how some is picky on posting Multiple Qs. *****
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Perform the safety tests. If it passes, you are good to go..... clang or not.

Your gen4 will eat anything if you upgrade to the current production recoil spring.
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