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Originally Posted by BuckyP View Post
Excellent reply. You seem to have a good "luck of the draw", as you've had no issues with the Nano or PM9, both of which seem to have been troublesome for others.

I am looking forward to your report.
Yeah BuckyP, the old saying "if you can't be good, be lucky" seems to apply to me and guns. I do remember buying a new G29 and neglecting to clean before heading to the range in my excitement to shoot it, picking up some underpowered range ammo at the counter, shooting the gun and having it jam up on me. I couldn't even get the slide back to dislodge the round. The guys at the counter couldn't get slide racked either and they sent me inside the adjoining shop to have a real big dude turn red in the face before he was able to get the round out. Talk about a failure.

After cleaning the gun and picking up some different ammo that G29 turned out to be super reliable over probably something like 4K to 6K rounds (maybe 2 failures max, if that - can't remember) and that and my g30 I probably shoot best and are probably my favorite guns even though I haven't shot them much lately since I don't carry them.

Anyway, I'll get out the range soon and report back.

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I've had mine for @ 2-3 months and put @ 350 rounds thru it; defense loads tested include Speer Gold Dot 115gr, Speer Gold Dot 147gr, Hornady Critical Defense 115gr, Federal 9MS 147gr jhp; I currently have 5 mags for it; between the defense loads and fmj's for practice I have NOT had a single malfunction; the trigger was great from the start and feels even better as time goes on;
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Old 04-15-2012, 13:54   #53
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new nano

In my first range trip I fired 100 NATO 24 gr, 20 Critical Defense 115g and about 30 Gold Dot 24gr and all worked perfectly.
The trigger will take some getting used to but I did better with it than with the Kahr I had. So I'm very happy with the results.
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Old 09-11-2012, 15:21   #54
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Nano 9mm fired 2 box,s of American Eagle 115gr. ball, 50 rds of of Remington 115gr. Hollow point from a 100rd box and 12 rds of WW 127gr. +P+ carry ammo. All fired 100% reliable. I am glad this little Nano is made strong and can eat that +P+ without a hitch. Alot of the other small 9mm's can,t handle +p or +P+ carry ammo because there light duty. Glad to see the Nano work as good as the Glock G26.
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Old 09-27-2012, 10:40   #55
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Just hit 700 rounds of various types and grain ammo without problem. The Nano has now displaced my LC9 as my primary EDC. The accuracy it gives me is great.
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