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Originally Posted by JR View Post
First of all this thread is NOT a PSA. If it was, freakshow would identify his business relationship with LWD by name, thereby establishing accuracy & creditability. I sincerely believe this thread is a direct attack from some disgruntled consumer.
Look at your customer list and use "freakshow" as a hint. I'm not a disgruntled consumer. I personally have had two LWD barrels. One "tactical" .45 ACP with "tactical" slide and one .45 ACP threaded for the Glock 30. I never got to shoot the "tactical" barrel, as the project got scrapped. I've never had an issue with the G30 barrel and shot several thousand rounds of my handloads though it for suppressor demonstrations (I'm an 07 FFL 02 SOT). Your "3.5lb" trigger connectors are great products. Never had an issue with those and I've done many trigger jobs on Glocks.

Customers of mine that have bought LWD barrels from me have had vastly different experiences with your product.

The truth of the matter, 99% of barrel issues are self induced.
63.8% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

LWD barrels are not conducive to use with SWC bullets.
No, it's not an LWD barrel issue for feeding SWC, that's a Glock issue. The feed angle is not conducive to feeding H&G type 68 SWCs. If Glock would have picked a different feed angle, they would feed them just fine.

Auto pistols will always feed best when using a FMJ or similar profile.
I disagree. FMJ is a construction type, not a profile. Furthermore, stock piece of crap Rock Island Armory 1911s feed SWC like poetry in motion. I had one and that's all I shot in it. 20,000 or so rounds and never a failure to feed.

LWD GUARANTEES our barrels to function flawless when using FACTORY ammunition. Try employing a little rocket science before responding to this statement. Think about it.... the barrel accepts factory loads (ie: Remington, Winchester, Federal) but not your load or your local re-manufactures load. This is telling you the issue is with your load.
I load my company's ammunition to meet SAAMI specifications. SAAMI specifications are a tolerance range and I load to the smaller range of tolerance. I'm not loading ammunition for one or two weapons, I'm loading for many different weapons all of whom have chambers cut to different points along the SAAMI specifications of their respective cartridges. I have to load ammunition so that it fits in all chambers. I have had around a dozen customers that came to me for ammunition because they tried Remington, Winchester and Federal ammunition and it didn't fit the LWD chamber. I gave them a free box of ammunition to try and now that's all they can get to run in their LWD barrel is my ammunition. The issue is certainly not with my ammunition.

I don't care if your load fits all your other guns and your brothers guns, the issue is with your load.
No, you clearly don't care and are passing off the blame to protect your product.

LWD will rechamber your barrel to fit your loads for $30. If this charge offends you, please tell me where on earth you can get a gunsmith to ream a chamber for cheaper? Yes, LWD formerly rechambered barrels for free however we soon realized the vast majority of rechamber requests were coming from loaders who were to lazy to change their load to fit the match grade chamber. Most barrel (chamber) issues are resolved by simply adjusting the load.
Were they too lazy to change the load or were you too lazy to machine the chamber throat to accomodate a greater range of bullet profiles? I seriously doubt the conversation went something like "no, go ahead and rechamber it. I'm too lazy to change my load" as you purport.

Originally Posted by JR View Post
No, you are missing the point... completely. There are plenty of factory loads using lead bullets. LWD barrels will chamber a factory lead load, factory FMJ, factory plated yada, yada, yada. (factory, factory, factory) FYI: The factory stuff abides by certain parameters (clue)

If your load dont fit, maybe it does not meet the factory parameters?
"Factory" parameters follow SAAMI specification set for the industry. "Factory" doesn't set parameters, they follow parameters set by others. My ammunition is made to SAAMI specification tolerance on the tighter side.

Originally Posted by JR View Post
Yes you can send us your ammo and we will ream the chamber to fit however the vast majority of loaders already reproduce loads that have no issue. If there is an issue it is usually directly related to bullet profile, OAL or a swelled case. All of these issues can easily be resolved with a simple adjustment to your reloading process.
All of those issues can easily be resolved with a simple adjustment to your manufacturing process. See how that works?

I have a few LWD barrel customers that have successfully modified their barrels to accept SWC loads. Problem is, these barrels now lack the full support.
So what's the point then? And no chamber is truly 100% "fully" supported.

Let me quote all the factory specs you can handle. Drop a factory round in the chamber. Notice it fits! Now make your load fit the same way.
"Factory" doesn't set specifications, SAAMI does. SAAMI is not a "factory".

LWD supplies more Glock barrels than ALL THE OTHER AFTERMARKET MFG'S COMBINED. Less than 1% barrel purchasers have an issue. If you have an issue, see the sentence directly above this statement.
63.8% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Originally Posted by JR View Post
I don't know what to say Steve? As you clearly pointed out, the issue your friend had was clearly a reloading (sizing) issue. Easily overcome if you ask me.
We offer custom reaming service for those that are not willing to adjust their loads. We just stopped doing the reams for free. EVERY other barrel manufacture charges for mods. They charge more for the barrel and more for the mod? What gives?
Never had to have a KKM or Storm Lake barrel get sent back to get the chamber reworked, even if you want to toss around the "match grade" marketing crap.

Originally Posted by JR View Post
I chalk it up to the 80/20 rule even though our sales reflect far better than that (more like 95/5). LWD is the uncontested aftermarket barrel providers of this industry.
Factory ammo fits and functions flawless, we guarantee it.
If your favorite load has an issue we will modify the chamber because I cant convince you the issue is with your load, not the barrel chamber.
I cant do any more than that.
"Factory" ammunition? I've got the same exact licensing as Remington Arms Company (I have a copy of their FFL on file). We are both 07/02. Your point?

Originally Posted by JR View Post
You are clearly wrong. I care. I care enough to try and explane what the real issues are. I am truly amazed (a few of) you guys think otherwise?
It's always someone else's fault, isn't it?

Maybe we could compromise? Factory ammo fits the LWD chamber and your reload does not. Lets all join together and get the factory to change their loads! This way LWD will change their chambers to fit the new factory loads (and your reloads too).
"Factory" isn't handloads. Both are made to fit SAAMI specification. You are clearly out of touch with why customers buy your product in the first place.
Commercial ammunition handloader since 2006.
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