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Big Bird
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Originally Posted by RichJ View Post
Are you talking about the padded insole that comes with the boot? I've never seen an add-on liner for Sundowners, and I've never had any comfort issues so the "very important" part of your post has me a bit puzzled.
Sundowners aren't what they used to be. The new models are made in China and are a huge change in quality from the old Italian made boots.
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Asolo 520 tps boots are great but expensive - almost $300. I thought they could be resoled but not sure now. I had the old LL Bean guide to the outdoors book in the 1980s and they had a chapter on "you best foot forward". I didn't realize until recently how big a deal good footwear is. When you have poor fitting boots you are miserable.

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Vasque. Bitteroot GTX. #7170. Carried a 50# pack 100 miles in the New Mexico mountains last summer. My son (same boots) and I were the only ones who didn't have blisters and were not complaining about their feet. Make sure you break them in before a long trip. It takes 30 to 50 miles to break these bad boys in. They were expensive (~$200) but worth every penny.
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Sketcher's for me. Lol, not exactly "supreme" gear, I know.

These aren't even really hiking boots per se, but they work damn well. They're kind of a mess in this pic, from a cave-diving trip. I wear 'em on the bike, hiking, whatever.

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Only boots I've ever had that I never need to break in, comfy right outta the box. They're tough as nails, and last. This pair is pretty new, just retired my last pair, that I bought sometime in the '90s.

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Originally Posted by Rooster Rugburn View Post
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Originally Posted by Hour13 View Post
I have no problem charging somebody stark nekid, with a TP tail hanging from my butt... Maybe they'll go to their maker with a smile on their face.
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Bilbo Bagins
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Merrell for me and what I do. I do heavy long distance hikes so leather would cook my dogs. I have a pair of Moab Ventilators right now. Sometimes when I go cheap I get Hi-tec trail runners and boots. I still have a pair of Hi-Tec trail runners that are going over 2 years old with tons of mileage and they still look and feel great Best $35 I ever spent. I just replace the crappy insole with green superfeet.
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