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vaquero aleman
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Just a simple comparison of 40 and 45 caliber ammo

My intention here is to showcase the versatility of the G21. All of the following loads can be fired from(with proper modification) a G21.

These loads are from Buffalo Bore(from a 5" semi auto pistol barrel)and do not represent all of the manufacturers that offer these loads:

155gr TAC XP 1455fps 728ft lbs
180gr JHP 1350fps 728ft lbs
200gr FMJ 1244fps 687ft lbs
220gr HCFN 1200fps 703ft lbs

185gr JHP 1330fps 726ft lbs
200gr JHP 1235fps 677ft lbs
230gr FMJ 1133fps 656ft lbs
230gr JHP 1131fps 653ft lbs
255gr HCFN 1095fps 672ft lbs

460 Rowland
185gr JHP 1500fps 924ft lbs
230gr FMJ 1350fps 931ft lbs
230gr JHP 1350fps 931ft lbs
255gr HCFN 1300fps 957ft lbs

These loads are from Double Tap exclusively(from a 5" semi auto pistol barrel).
*40 Super uses a necked down case:

40 Super
135gr JHP 1685fps 841ft lbs
180gr JHP 1400fps 784ft lbs
200gr FMJ 1300fps 750ft lbs
200gr JHP 1300fps 750ft lbs

These loads are from Underwood Ammo(assumes 5" test barrel) and do not represent all of the manufacturers that offer these loads.
*400 Corbon uses a necked down case:

400 Corbon
135gr JHP 1500fps 675ft lbs
155gr JHP 1400fps 675ft lbs
165gr JHP 1300fps 619ft lbs

10MM, 40 Super and 400 Corbon bullets are .400" in diameter, 45 SUPER and .460 Rowland bullets are .451" in diameter.

I did not include 45 ACP/+P because they do not share the velocity of the above loads.
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