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Originally Posted by american lockpicker View Post
I prefer my Glocks to be 100% made in Austria.
And where do you get one of those? A 100% made in Austria Glock cannot be imported. At best you get an American made frame and Austrian barrel, slide, etc.

I love this nostalgic made in USA stuff. The reality is Glock is most likely using the same tooling in the USA to make parts formerly made elsewhere (i.e., Europe) for much higher cost. The engineering requirements for the gun still get met, regardless of location of assembly/fabrication.

The US is becoming the low cost manufacturing center for European companies selling their product in the US--which is great. But one needs to remember that most companies with mass produced products design them as such, and any "craftsmanship" is really non-existent, negating the argument that Made in country A means higher quality than made in country B.

Mexican made F150s (Lobo) are just as good as US made F150s--the processes and parts are nearly the same.
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Originally Posted by madcapmagician View Post
I recently had an opportunity to look at a made in the USA Glock 17. This pistol is #32 of the first 100 made.
Though this is a quite old thread..

I would like to know: if this batch of glocks has suffix numbers over 100, like AAAA101, AAAA200, etc..

Is there anyone has answer for this? Thanks.
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Originally Posted by PSUEng View Post
Mexican made F150s (Lobo) are just as good as US made F150s--the processes and parts are nearly the same.
That is more than likely 100% true but the fact remains our dollars become pesos and are gone from the US forever. We really need to figure a way to put Americans to work before we totally go down the toilet. God Bless America. we need your help more than ever now.
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