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Ok then !

Self-Wow dango is going home!
Self-Yeap ! Tommorrow !
Self-How did I like all the stupid questions from the witch doc..
Self-I didn,t,He thought I was depressed or something ?
Self-I know,what's up with that ?
Self-Well ,he didn't like your answer !
Self-What , the one about the how do I feel,etc. ?
Self-Yeap !
Self-Well what was I supposed to say?
Self-Tell him that you just do not and will not take anti-depressents !
Self-You could have chosen better words!
Self-I think not,my answer was fine!
Self-What,the part where you said if you only had one bullit?
Self-Yes !
self-I don't think telling him you would shoot him in the foot
was Propper!
Self-But the part where you told him to be gone ,"YOU" depress me was funny !
Self-Yes,that was funny !
Self-And what about that second tube?
Self-Don't think he went for it,I think he wants me "UN-Balanced !
Self-Why would he want that ?
Self-To keep me at bay,from wandering too far.
Self-???????????????.....What ?
Self-It will keep me walking in a circle get it ?
Self-Again,no I don't get it ? Here I go again,so tell me pray-tell !
Self-Well ,If I Keep walking in circles,I can't get to my truck!
Self-Why you want to get to your truck,where you goin?
Self-Shhhhh-! Liquor store !
Self-How you gona get away with that,the smell,the wife ?
Self-Shhhh-! I'm gonna pour it into my IV bag !
Self-I like it .......................
Self-How you gonna get liquor looking like that?
Self-I'm gonna get a brown paper bag,cut holes for the eyes!
Self-I'll tell him I'm a stand-up comic and crack a joke!
Self-I ain't gonnin.
Self-Now that would create a problem,if I ain't goin,I ain't goin!
Self-That's it ,I'm leaving !
Self-How am I gona do that ?
Self -True that,Hmmm? Maybe Carl will help !
Self-Don't think so,Carl likes me too much to do stupid crap!
Self-I do look pretty stupid right now,true that.
Self-We shall have to ponder this Hmmmmmmmmmm?
Self-Watch that 'we' crap,people might think I'm crazy or something,there is only one here!
Self-True that,I'm not crazy,insane perhaps,not crazy!
Self-What is the difference...................?
Self-Someones coming,dare not let them see this,second floor?
Self-Got to go for they come-th.....later.
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