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Originally Posted by PrecisionRifleman View Post
I've seen the video of the girl killing the hog. The results in that video are the exact reason a 40S&W should not be used. She had to use the entire magazine. Pumping round after round into a game animal is unethical. Also there is a significant difference between a 40S&W in a compact, and a warm handloaded 10mm in an extended 6" barrel IMO. In this format the 10mm beats out the 357Mag. and is moving into lower end 41 Mag territory.
Yes she wasn't what I would call the best shot in the world either, it was her accuracy that called for the extra shots. I wouldn't have used the .40 in that situation myself, but I sure wouldn't have chose the 10mm either. Sure there is a difference between the .40 and 10mm but not like most make it out to be. It's understandable if one is shooting a small .40 throwing a 180gr @ 950 fps vs a hot 10mm in a 6" bbl @ 1300+ fps.

My G35 (5.3" bbl) easily throws a 180gr bullet @ 1200 fps using the right powder. When I drop in the 6" KKM G24 bbl I'm knocking on 1300 fps as well. I could claim that my .40 is in lower end .41 Mag territory too, but it's not a .41 Mag, just like the 10mm isn't...and both at their best would be a very lightly loaded .41 Mag. 10mm wins out on capacity verses the .357 (and all revolvers) but they're more or less about identical in the power dept. I've chronographed 180gr .357 Mag (6" bbl) at over 1300 fps w/H110, which is about the same as warm 10mm but with much higher sectional density.
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