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Help me decide: Christmas purchase

Every year I take a little money and pick myself up a little gift for Christmas. Usually these are firearms that fall into the "bucket list" catagory or fun gun catagory. You know the kind - the totally impractical thing you don't need, but would have fun taking to the range.

Last year, after having some trouble deciding, I posted my list and budget to see what others thought. I got some great responses. For example, one of the firearms I was contemplating was an MPA Defender "Mac-10 clone." I was bombarded with PMs and posts telling me how horrible they were from actual users.

I ended up, after getting a lot of positive recomendations, picking up a Vector Uzi - and I love it. So, I am going to ping the GT braintrust again.

Below you'll find my list of five firearms I am contemplating. Feel free to pick the list appart, make suggestions or tell me about your history with those firearms.

Again, I am going for fun and non-practical.

Also, I already have an AR, AK, a bird/skeet gun, hunting rifle and several pistols and mil surp weapons. No need to add to those! Also, ammo is not a major concern - I will have plenty by the time the gun gets here.

Budget should be less than $1000

In no particular order:
1) VEPR 16.5" in 7.62x54R with PSL/FPK scope - Been looking at these for a year and the new $200 price decrease is really appealing. I have a bunch of Mosins and ammo and I enjoy the AK action. ~$800-$1000 with scope
2) Umarex HK-MP-522 - This year I was only going to buy .22s. Didnt happen. My son is getting older, ammo is getting more expensive and this looks like a great range toy. ~$500
3) Lever action in .357 - I've never owned a lever gun and have been feeling them up a lot lately. I like pistol caliber weapons and really enjoy .357/.38sp. I could be swayed by a Mare's Leg as well. ~$400-$700
4) Ruger GP100 - I have two revolvers, but both are mil surp mementos that rarely, if ever, get shot. I thought this would be a nice addition - but my concern is that it's more practical than fun...but I would enjoy it. ~$400-500
5) Home Defense Shotgun - I havent decided on a model yet, but this is a gap in my collection. I actually looked at a Mossberg O/U 18.5" 12 gauge last night that tempted me. Suggestions? ~$400-$800?
~ Adman
WARNING: This post contains contents known to the state of California to cause high blood pressure, asinine comments and foot in mouth disease in liberal posters. Nanny state discretion is advised.
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