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If your Glock works, this isn't the thread for you.....

So with all the argumentative types as of late, most of the threads have been locked up. I don't care if you have a Glock that runs 100% (so do I), I don't care if you think I work for someone else that is a competitor of Glock, and I don't care if your feelings are hurt because other people's pistols are malfunctioning and you LOVE Glock because that's all you own.

I own a couple of Glocks, M&P's, rifles, a nice vintage BHP, etc. I have been shooting Glocks since 2008, and I have never once had ANY issue with ANY of my Glocks, until I purchased my Gen 4 G19 a few months ago.

The purpose of this thread is for those having issues to share information, that is all. This is not a debate, or a thread for people who shoot 100 rounds per year, or who can't even grip their pistol the correct way when they shoot. Once upon a time this was a great forum where people shared information and had intellectual conversations on their "differences of opinion", I can't say that has been much of the trend the last couple of years.

So enough with the BS, let's get down to it.

I own a G19 Gen 4, Serial number SVY***. It now has over 3,000 rounds through it since I purchased it a little over 3 months ago. After almost 2,000 rounds through the gun, I started getting pelted in the face with brass, brass would roll out of the ejection port and onto my right arm, and the brass started ejecting basically wherever it wants to. Left, Right, forward, back over me, back to my face, etc, etc.

I was pretty sure my pistol was good to go with the amount of rounds and no issues, and no sooner than I sell my "backup" G19 (Gen 3 G19, I know mistake on my part) to a family member who was in need of a new pistol, do the issues present themselves.

I use this G19 for CCW, Training classes, IDPA, local training nights, and just regular range trips on my own. It is not a safe queen. All of the rounds through this pistol have been through the aforementioned environments.

The changes I made to the pistol were the sights, the Ghost Rocket, G17 smooth trigger bar, Vickers mag release, and vickers slide stop. I also replaced the factory springs with Wolff factory weight springs, and the trigger spring is a 6# extra power spring. I basically do the same modifications to all my Glocks. I also did some grip work on it recently.

I called Glock last week and spoke to a tech and explained my issues, he sighed and asked me to send the gun in without us even discussing anything further, I was told my complaints are not new. I told him I would like to try and diagnose the issues I am having before just sending the pistol in, being that I am a certified Armorer he could send me the parts with no issue, and they were free of charge. We discussed what the "updated" parts were on my pistol, and I did already have the "043" RSA, and the "30274" ejector. When it was all said and done, he said I would get a new extractor, and a new RSA (because of the round count) and we would go from there. Well today the "new" parts arrived from Smyrna, and the extractor is the same "dipped" version as the one my pistol came with, and we already know I had the updated RSA, so I just got a newer one, as periodic maintenance.

I will be hitting the range tomorrow and getting some ammo down range, probably 200 rounds or so to see what happens with the new parts. Being that they're the same parts, "I" expect 1 of 2 things to happen:

1) The gun will shoot and eject exactly as it has been lately
2) It will be better for a while then go back to it's old ways

I am awaiting getting my hands on the Apex part, and I did put an order in with Glockparts.Com because on another forum someone shared that their new 9MM LCI extractors were non dipped, so hopefully I get an HRED setup from them along with a non dipped extractor to try out.

Edit to add: Extractor that came on the pistol is stamped with a "4" and the new replacement from Glock has a "2" stamped on it.

I have taken some pictures for the sake of illustration that I would like to share, I'm not saying anything is right or wrong, just posting pics.

Below are some pics of my old extractor after over 3K rounds through the gun:

General Glocking

General Glocking

General Glocking

Picture showing the old RSA I had which is the updated one:

General Glocking

Picture of the new "dipped" extractor installed in the gun:

General Glocking

And picture of the new RSA:

General Glocking

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