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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
It isn't a matter of getting those that do agree with you out to vote. It's because you can't convince anyone new to vote on your side. In short, you guys suck at debate.

Take a look at some of the threads on the religious issues forum and see how ineffective the arguments from the religious conservatives are. Take a look at this forum and see how anyone is treated when they express a left leaning opinion on anything. Even the third party voters weren't convinced and they lined up with you Romney supporters on many issues.

As long as abortion is always murder, gays have an agenda to destroy the traditional family, women should have rape babies and planned parenthood (which is directly responsible for many of you not making child support payments) is the major drain of tax dollars in this country, black people are the main users of welfare, and your golden boy candidate honestly believes in talking salamanders, getting his own planet and magic holy underwear then very, very few new voters are going to take you seriously.

Think about it. Who do republicans rail against? Anyone that disagrees with them. That's a whole lot of people and that was just proven to you last night. Women, gays, minorities, atheists, libertarians, poor people, sick people... that's a whole lot of people. Romney flat out said that 47% of us were worthless. Who do democrats rail against? Republicans, the rich, people that think their bible should be a guide to the law. Not nearly so many people and the points they make against those people are so much better than anything your side is saying about your enemies.

When someone comes here, or to any forum where conservatives are the majority, and expresses an opinion that differs from your own the correct response is not, "Yer jist a damned liberal!" or, "You're looking for a free ride!"

You might want to consider dumping the religious insanity that so many of us are sick of and start making some damned sense. You could stick to the fiscal matters and relay that info to the fence sitters while dumping anyone from your party that opens his stupid mouth about gays or taxpayer funded birth control.

Or you could just run Rick Santorum in 2016 on the NO MORE PORN ticket, hope for the best in one hand and frothy mix in the other and see which one fills up first.
Or, just offer free cheese, beer and cigarettes, and win the next election that way.
I sure miss the country I grew up in.
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