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Old 07-27-2012, 01:05   #61
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WhenI bought my 36 in November of '06 I soon joined this forum. I may have posted some in here shortly there after but it has been a while since I've even looked in on this forum. In the almost 6 years and after exactly 3,000 rounds I have gotten to know this little gun very very well. I rotate several different guns that I carry regards the weather how I'm dressed or what I'll be doing but I carry my trusty 36 more often than all the others put together. Despite it's short sight radius it is very accurate and 100% dependable like my other 3 Glocks. I just can't overstate what a great gun this is. I carry it with 2 extra mags either in an IWB, OWB or shoulder holster. It conceals easily and is so comfortable that after I've had it on for a few minutes I forget I'm wearing it.

As far as Mas and Hickock and their opinions are concerned I know that they are both very knowledgeable but they are human and therefore imperfect. I will listen to other but I form my OWN opinions based upon my OWN experiences, preferences and perceptions.

I dislike reading all the negative comments about it. I guess a lot of people have had problems with it but mine had been flawless. I actually put off getting it for about a year because of all the terrible things I was reading here on GT. But it was exactly what I wanted to carry. A small single stack .45acp. I had been carrying my 23 for the last couple of years but I'm a .45 kinda guy and I really wanted to get a 36.

I finally decided to take the leap of faith and get one. I figured that if I didn't like it I could always palm it off on my brother-in-law. heh heh heh. But the only thing I didn't like was that I wasted all that time before I got it.

Now, anytime I see someone post that they just got a new 36 or they are thinking about getting a new 36 I always jump in and offer positive comments and opinions. And I don't have to exaggerate either. In fact it would not be possible to exaggerate because it has lived up to and exceeded my every expectation. I was a little uneasy with it for a while but I kept having one good range trip and experience with it after another and now, nearly 6 years and 3K rounds later I'm still lovin' it.
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Originally Posted by eagle00 View Post
For a poster of a side by side comparison of the G-36 + the G-26, Google "pictures glock 36". Scroll down to the fifth page and you will see the 36 + 26 together; a poster with a red border. Also, go to
http://us.glock.com/products. The Glock web-site has 360 degree rotational pictures of all their models. You can get a view of every angle you desire, paste + copy them for a side by side comparison.
For me, the most critical measurements for CCW are the width + height of the pistol. The G-36 is "considerably" thinner than the G-26 as far as CCW is concerned. Though on paper the thicknesses are not that different, for me it does translate into an appreciable difference on my waistband, as I am not a big guy. The G-26 is appreciably shorter in height. You just need to make a decision on the trade-offs: Capacity of 10+1 9mm vs. 6+1 .45ACP; Width; Height; etc...
Best of luck.
that says it all, i am on the thin side, and carrying the 30 made me dress like i was hiding something, that little differance of the 36 lets me dress normal and i feel less nervous about printing
oh, and i have an issue with the "Rodney" comments, i consider the 36 to be the "Marilynn Monroe" of glocks, i think she's beautiful

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It's true, hickok likes most guns and never gives bad reviews. He was rather unhappy with the G36. I still carry mine and have been this summer. I am learning to tame the recoil and shoot accurately. I do love the gun though and with Pearce Plus Zero extensions, the mag fits like a glove.
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Old 11-12-2012, 18:10   #64
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Interesting experience at the range yesterday ...
My shooting buddy and I were shooting next to a couple of Glock guys. One had a G27 with Hogue slip-on grips and a +1 mag extension, the other fellow was putting his Gen 3 G19 through its paces. Both appeared to be experienced shooters and, judging by their paper targets, were quite accomplished and comfortable with their handguns.
I had my Gen 2 G19 and my first-year-of-production G36 with me and my buddy had his Steyr M40 A1, a gun I'd pick up if I were in the market for some new Tupperware ... A highly underrated firearm. But I digress ...
So the four of us chatted a bit between sessions of sending lead downrange. I mentioned I'd never shot one of the Glock sub-compacts and the G27 fellow kindly handed me his to shoot. (I loved it, by the way!)
So, in the interest of fairness, I offered both of them the opportunity to shoot my G36, commenting as I handed it to them, "Some people love the gun, some hate it. It jams for some guys but never jams for me."
G27 Guy aims and sends a 230 gr. FMJ slug downrange ...and the gun jams.
He clears it and shoots two more rounds and hands it to his buddy, who aims, fires ... and has a jam.
Now keep in mind these were experienced shooters and experienced Glock shooters. Both admitted they might have limp-wristed it a bit. I have no doubt had they shot it more, they would have adjusted and I am in no way criticizing them.
But, just as a point of interest, neither I nor my buddy had one jam with the 36. Same ammo the other guys were shooting. It never jams for me, otherwise it wouldn't be my EDC gun.
I hate to say it but obviously the proper grip is very important with this gun, which mirrors what others have said.

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Old 11-23-2012, 05:34   #65
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This is my EDC and never a problem.
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