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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
The difference is you people depend on it for everything
Your position does not gain by making extreme statements without foundation.

The simple fact is that everyone gains by some parts of government expenditure. It is part of the reason that government exists. Some things only governments can do effectively. Defending borders is one. Creating a road network is another because having tolls on all roads would be too cumbersome and would be a hindrance to economic effectiveness which benefits all.

Education is more arguable. In a modern technological society it is important that all children are reasonably educated within their ability levels. They need to be able to work and they need to vote intelligently. The problem comes when ideology is allowed into the mix. Should morons receive the same or greater expenditure on "education" as the average child. The real answer is no, because the government should not be spending tax payers money on charity but only on things which have a general benefit.

Government funded general health care is a bottomless pit and should never be started. Medical technology becomes ever more complex and expensive so that there is ever more reason for the sick to demand more and more expensive treatment. Government funded specific health care is a different matter. If, for instance, there is widespread TB, it is to the benefit of everyone if it is treated on a nationwide scale and erradicated or brought under control.

Wide scale financial support for the poor or feckless is another bottomless pit which should never have been entered into. Temporary support in extraordinary circumstances might be justified but care must be taken to prevent this becoming an entitlement or "right". People have the right to die of old age, accident or illness but not the right to be kept alive at enormous expense for an indefinite period.

And so on.

One of the major principles of a free county is the right to property. That should underly all government policy. Tax in itself breaks that principle and so can be justified only on things which are to the general good rather than the good of a section of the electorate who will vote for the party proposing some expenditure which brfeaks that principle for the good of some section of the electorate.

Once this principle is broken, all political parties hoping to be elected end in a race to give away more and more of other people's money. This is just as true of the Republicans as it is of the Democrats. They give money to voters to buy their votes. They give money to the rich to get big contributions for election expenses. The US Constitution has failed to prevent this and has thereby failed to maintain the existence of the USA as a free country.

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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
Saying Romney wants to ban all abortions, except for cases of rape or incest. Which takes away the option for women to have abortions from unwanted pregnancy. Which pisses off women. It's their body, let them do with it as they will.
It's interesting that conservatives want the government out of their lives but want the government to exercise Draconian control over people who have sex the wrong way, use the wrong drugs, or want to have an abortion. It's freedom for me and lock everyone else up, but don't raise my taxes to pay for them being locked up. And they wonder why thoughtful people can't take them seriously.
"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes."

Leona Helmsley

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