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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Ok, ok! It was a terrible example!

I liked the previous one a lot better, but the guy I was responding to seemed to have ignored it. I'll repeat it here, I guess:

If I ask you to build a speaker that will let me hear your voice from 100 meters away, that's something we know how to do.

If I then ask for a speaker that will let me hear your voice from 10 miles away... well, that's an engineering challenge, but fundamentally all it would take is a really really big speaker and some good waveguide design.

If I ask for a speaker that will let me hear you on the Moon... it can't be done. Sound physically does not work that way. No amount of can-do attitude can make it happen.

Some limitations are physics. Some are engineering. Sometimes we're confused about which is which. But there *are* some fundamental physics limitations that cannot be overcome simply by building better machines.

Now I don't even have a high school diploma, but you gotta realize I know a thing or two about transducers. You don't NEED a transducer to generate sound. You need a transducer to ...uh, transduce from electrical energy to particle motion.

Of course, the frequency of sounds that would be reproducible on the moon would be very limited, but if a medium can transmit energy for that wavelength, sound will and can occur.
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