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Comrade Bork
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Let's write a revised Moral Code.

"Morality" is the yardstick with which we measure acceptable versus unacceptable human behavior.

The goal of this is to provide for a stable society, within which we all may flourish to the best of our ability.

I do not believe it is necessary for morality to be based upon religious principals.

I think it is enough that a moral precept either works or not.

The 10 Commandments are as good a place to start as any.

First off, I think the first five commandments can be junked and ignored.

"I am your God, You have no other Gods, You will make no graven images of other Gods, You will not diss me by taking my name in vain. You will worship my glorious self".

Are of any relevence only IF "God" actually exists.

An existence that the religiously inclined can never seem to prove to be an unmistakeable truth.

It is always based on "faith", which is to say it is nothing more than "opinion", since God, if he/she/it actually does exist, does not seem to ever make that existence unmistakeably clear to all.

I believe that Moses himself wrote the 1st Five Commandments for their practical effect, which was to place all authority over the State of Israel that he founded, firmly in his own, personal, MORTAL, hands and keep it there during his own lifetime and keep it there within his own family, the Levites, thereafter.

"King" Moses (in all but name) and the "Royal Family of Levi" that he made supreme over the other Tribes of Israel, who were thereafter, the serfs and cannon fodder for the "Holy" Levites.

So as to C's I through V, scrap 'em.

In terms of "morality" they are irrelevent.

So, the basis for REAL morality is found in the second Five of the Commandments.

Honor your Parents. Do not Murder. Do not have sex with anyone you are not married to. Do not steal. Do not covet things you have no right to.

Failure to observe and enforce any of these latter five are generally disruptive to the stability of any Sociey as a whole.

And thus, these are correct examples of "Proper Morality" and violations of them are "Immorality".

It is difficult for individuals, or families, to flourish if they have to exist in an unstable environment/society.

There is an ancient Chinese curse that says "May you live in interesting times". "Interesting" being defined as things like wars sweeping through your country, famines, plagues, fire, flood, earthquake, and the like.

"Uninteresting" meant stable.

I would add several more.

11. Thou shalt not initiate violence against another.

12. Thou shalt not suffer another to initiate violence against thyself.

(Offensive violence is immoral and unacceptable, Defensive violence is moral and acceptable)

13. Thou shalt not act in callous disregard of the well being of others.

(Such as, dealing in drugs to enrich yourself by shortening or ending the lives of others.)

Who wants to take a swing at #14 and beyond?

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