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Originally Posted by Colubrid View Post
So glock36shooter,
Why do you hav a gun then?
I have a gun because I do not trust in a God to protect me. I understand this is a world based on reality and not mythology. There is no God watching over me. There are no Angels coming to protect me. And there is no Devil that makes people do the bad things they do. If another human being means me harm I will do to them as much harm first as is needed to stop them. This is why I carry a gun.

Believers are often hypocrites. You ask them why a child dies with cancer and they'll say God has a plan and works in mysterious ways. Yet they'll kneel a pray for God to heal a sick child dying from cancer to ask for something OTHER than God's plan. If it is God's will that the child dies then prayer is not trusting in his plan... it's asking him to change his plan. And the Christian that carries a firearm doesn't trust in God's plan either. If God means for you to be murdered then that is his will and you should want to please him and not turn away from his will. If God is truly in control and has a plan and his will shall be done... there is no need for a gun because whatever happens is his will and the believer should just accept that. But they don't. They don't trust in God's plan... in fact they mean to interfere with it if his will is for them to die. If a gun is needed by a believer... they do not put real stock in God's plan. They say they do but they don't. They won't admit it, and they'll say I have no idea what I'm talking about because their brains can't handle the hypocrisy and contradiction of their beliefs versus their ideals about defense. But there it is.

i take it is a G36 you like. iI just sold mine. i had 3 before and keep coming back to that model.. i just like guns. The way they are made.
I used to... especially when I chose my screen name. I had just gotten my G36 and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Since then I have found that it didn't suit my needs so I got rid of it. I didn't like that you had to raise your pinky to reload it or risk pinching the crap out of your finger or worse failing to reload the gun. But I carry a Glock 19 daily.

i don't look at them as killing machines.
I'm fascinated by the machinery of them as well. All the little working parts and do-dads. But the purpose of the gun is to be a weapon. It's purpose is to kill. Or at the very least wound. But it's a weapon first and foremost. I think Christ would have been opposed to them on principle. I think he would have been disgusted that man had found such a efficient and accurate method of killing one another.

BTW the girl i am talking to is single and so am I. So we are speaking to work out our differences in what we agree and don't agree on.
Is she cute?
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