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"Officer in dire need of assistance"

Around here, there is Signal 13 or Signal 14, depending where you are at. The more common is Signl 13 for "Officer in dire need of assistance", the S has H T F.

In nearly five years of being a LEO, I have only heard it come over the radio one time.

A few years ago, two PD guys got jumped at one of the bars by a group of around eight African American males, some of which were on the current roster for University football. They went to arrest one of the men for choking his girlfriend. When the cuffs came out, the brawl started. Unfortunately, I had just enough time to pick up my fresh Reserve Deputy and get about six miles away from the bar (out of City limits), before the choking call came out.

We busted ass accross town, in a torrential downpour. Every time a PD guy called out on scene the next transmission was "we need more help". As I was driving at speeds that were theoretically three times the posted speed limit, I put my gloves on. The Reserve asked if he needed to put his gloves on. "Yes."

I was the first Deputy to arrive to back the PD. I pulled up to find bodies getting tossed every which way. Three guys came flying out of the bar as I got to the door. I looked in to see chaos and bodies getting flung about, but the cops were winning. There was one African American who was tossing bodies, but not the cops, so everyone let him continue (enemy of my enemy is my friend). When the three guys tried to go back in, I stopped them. They kept the Reserve and I busy for the next several minutes as the other Deputies showed up. By that time, mosts of the activity was outside and some of the cops were getting a breather.

Turns out, the African American helping the cops out was an off-duty KCMO PD guy. Even he said we had a damn good brawl going.

The next weekend, we repeated the whole thing with the same group, but there was no distress call put out. I just happened to be driving by and got out to see what they had when the two cops going in to stop a fight got jumped by the guys arrested the week prior. The problem guys weren't even involved in the fight the cops were there for; one just decided to punch the cop in the back of the head and the whole group jumped. By the end of it, we had another nice little fight in the middle of the street. It was about ten on ten by the time everyone arrived.

What are your stories? How many times have you heard a LEO cry out for help? Have you had to call out?
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