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Welcome to the EBR club and good job on the S&W. I would suggest starting out with a set of Troy BUIS and an Aimpoint H-1 and put some rounds through it to get a good feel for the platform. Be careful tho, the EBR's are like gremlins and start multiplying quickly.
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Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
Y'know, I've honestly disliked ARs my whole life. Never liked the M16, not thrilled with .223 for anything larger than a coyote or so.

BUT, in 1993-1994 I got to looking at them, just curious what the heck everyone was bickering about.

Lately I've been looking half heartedly at various options. Seems $1600 is what it's taking to get into the EBR game today. -eh- a bit much for my blood just to have one.

All that changed today. Tripped over S&W M&P150R for a bit less than MSRP.

So, I'm a multiple EBR owner now, got four P-mags and a 40 rounder as well.

Should be a neat plinker, if nothing else. Hell if I get bored with it, I can always sell it for what I bought it for, right?
DIRTY HOARDER!!!!!!!!! Gratz nice addition to the collection!
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Be careful when getting a flip up for the front gas block mount, some are receiver rail height, but some are lower. There are specific flip-ups for each height. I don't know what M&P uses, but you can just lay a straight edge on the receiver rail and see if the front is the same.
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Originally Posted by Cole125 View Post
I would suggest getting Troy flip up sights, Moe hand guard, and a Aimpoint Pro.
I just bought the same AR. Troy sights are ordered, just installed the MOE handgard and waiting to get my Aimpoint Pro with a Larue Mount.

Don't forget the Larue Mount!
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