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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Two of the best guns I have. The Beretta 92 is also up there in reliabilty and likability.
I joined the NRA, have you yet?
Funny you say that... I have an FDE G17 in my night stand, my wife has a Beretta 92 M9... she likes shooting it and shoots it better than she does a Glock... so thats the one she wanted in her drawer.

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I was carrying a 1911 at work. In 1999 policy came out that 1911s weren't allowed anymore, no grandfather clause. Tried several types at a rental range, settled on the glock 21 and 30. Bought them both. $300 LE price for the 21 with night sights and $350 for the 30 with night sights. I now have 6 glocks.

WiskyT :whistling:
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Back in the mid? 90's I bought my first glock. It was a 23. I bought it because i kinda felt sorry for it,,just kidding. Alot of people called it the most ugly gun they have ever seen and worst yet, it was made of plastic! yada yada yada ..I thought it was the one of best looking pistols in the market. It reminds me of a pit bull...only pit bull owners think their dog is cute, or mean looking...etc. I happen to like Pits and think they are cute...anyways I hope some folks got a laugh..heheh..I still remember the ser# ALM960US bought at a gun shop in Kailua, Hawaii

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The day I turned 21 I was at the LGS looking into buying my first handgun.... That day a glock 22 gen 4 came home with me.... I think more than 5000 rounds have been fired through it. I have had only two FTF one was due to a defective primer I think..(due to the fact that after I pulled the trigger...flinched and nothing happened. The primer had a mark... So I put it back in the mag and pulled the trigger again... And BAM! It fired... And the second one was a round that had no primer nor powder in it whatsoever... Not sure what happened to that one. I kept it... Filled the primer spot with hot glue and painted the round safety orange. That's what I use to practice drills sometimes... But other than that it has not failed me... But to answer one of your questions. I got mine in 2011 so then a 27 gen 3 followed me home one day... Then recently got me a 19 gen 4. Couldn't be happier with any of me'. Sorry for the extremely long reply... Lol :D
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In the spring of 1986 I saw an ad for Glock 17's in the Shotgun News, and I ordered one. It was the best impulse buy I ever made.
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Originally Posted by Butch View Post
In the spring of 1986 I saw an ad for Glock 17's in the Shotgun News, and I ordered one. It was the best impulse buy I ever made.

I think you need to give up that box so I can use it for my G19.

I got into Glocks in the early 90's. 2 G23's, a G20 & a G21.
I just loved the simple efficient design compare to my 1911's
and Sigs/M9 etc.

Now I have another new G23 gen3 and an 89 G19. Once you learn
the trigger it's one of the best firearms you can own.
Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg View Post
Real Men of Genius....Here's to you, Mister self proclaimed-genius-surrounded by idiots!
G23 gen3 .40/.357 Sig
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Originally Posted by BMiracletx View Post
Based on this, then perhaps you are correct... he might have ended up in jail. Just because I personally haven't heard of anyone does not mean people haven't. As for PTSD... never rule it out. My first 10 1/2 years I was enlisted and saw some things that I still don't like to talk about. My last 9 years have been on the officer side of things and am now fixing folks. I am a doc now and see/treat people with PTSD all the time. The funny thing is that most of them seem perfectly normal on the exterior. The military (and especially the sniper corps) teach their folks to compartmentalize their emotions. Either way, sounds like you are a good friend and he is doing okay.

Enough of this talk... back to Glockin'!!! I have 21 Glocks and I have to agree with your friend. My 17, 19, and 34 see the most rounds in my arsenal.
Nice try, sir! (I've been through this before, and I have friends both in the officer corps and elsewhere. Some of them are active duty, others retired)

BTW, his father (retired Army Colonel) is also a doctor.

Your comments regarding the sniper corps leads me to believe his comments (I agreed with them at first blush) about the way the media consider those in the military, to be spot on.

And yes, he is a good friend, and he is "doing okay" as you write.

BTW, what seems to be your attempt to "talk down" to me, in somewhat elegant form, is what I'd consider, in other forums, to be "patronizing".......... I hope I'm wrong.


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I had no experience with handguns when I took a handgun introductory class. As a part of the class, we got to shoot several different types of guns. I noticed that I shot the Glock (a 17) best, I didn't have to remember which way the safety lever worked, and the trigger pull was the same for each shot. Then I researched Glocks a bit and found out about their extreme reliability, and settled on the 23 for the combination of power and "compact" size.
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Originally Posted by Smooth_squeeze View Post
BTW, what seems to be your attempt to "talk down" to me, in somewhat elegant form, is what I'd consider, in other forums, to be "patronizing".......... I hope I'm wrong.


Smooth_squeeze, by no means was that my intent and I apologize to you if I made you feel that way. Sometimes intentions can be misunderstood over the internet. I am sorry that you feel I was "talking down" to you. My intent was not to sound patronizing either. I wish there was a smiley to extend a handshake!
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Needed something concealable and that would go bang every time I pulled the trigger... GLOCK was the only handgun that seemed to fit the bill, and the blue label program put me over the edge (fire dept).

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i wanted to start shooting GSSF also
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Kept hearing how dependable and easy to maintain they were. Then I ran into some old friends that I used to shoot with alot. They gave me grief about still shooting my antiques and informed me that they had sold all of theirs and had full line-ups of Glock's. So I gave the G23 Gen 4 a try and haven't looked back. Not bad for a plastic gun. (HeHe)

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Hickok45 and blue label discounts. Not many choices out there can match reliability/accessories for the price when new
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A couple-o-three years ago I thought all automatics were bound to jam or quit on you at some point. Enter the G17, not sure the round count as of now, but I'm pretty sure it is north of 2000, has fired EVERY round I've put into it with no problems! It's simplistic design, ease of maintenance, aftermarket parts availablity, reliablilty, accuracy, durability, and high capacity are hard to beat! Since then I've purchased 3 more, and they have really gotten me into shooting!
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For me it was at a friends house. He had a G21 laying on the table. He and I were both revolver/1911/3rd gen S&W shooters to a fault. I asked him "What the hell is that?" he said "a .45" and I picked it up and fell in love. The rest, as they say, is history.
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In the early 90s, I want's a "duty" style pistol and I got a GLOCK 19. The reason I got a GLOCK 19, and not a GLOCK 17 is because I lived in NJ at the time and the mag cap was 15 rounds. GLOCK made a "Jersey Plugged" magazine at the time for the G17, but they were very hard to come by. NOTE: This was before the Federal AWB and therefore there were not 10 round magazines at the time.

Unfortunately, the G19 didn't fit me at all and it turned me off to GLOCKs for many years. Year later, when escaping from NJ and CCW was a reality, I bought a G27. At that time, there was nothing else in that class, 10 rounds of .40 in such a small package. I started appreciating GLOCKs again. I would eventually wind up with another GLOCK 19... only to sell it shortly thereafter, for the same reasons.

Note: I really like the full size guns. Had there not been the mag ban in place, I would have bought the G17 and things would have been much different.
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The first centerfire handgun I ever bought was a Glock 19. It was, and is a great gun. Pretty much perfect, actually. I have thousands of rounds through the thing and it has always been accurate and 100% reliable. Since then I have bought many, many more handguns. I have SIGs, Smiths, Berettas, Kimber and HK in addition to a few more Glocks. I keep coming back to Glock. They're not great "picnic guns", nobody will ever be impressed if you show off your Glock. But they are simple, elegant, durable and reliable. For a defensive tool, there's not much that can beat a Glock.
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When I was a Police officer I was issued my first Glock, I've been hooked ever since, the damn things just work...
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I attended a handgun training course and the gun provided for the course was a Glock 19. It was the most comfortable handgun I've ever shot and remains so to this day. After completing the course, I did some research on the 'indestructable' Glock pistols and I was sold. I have never regretted my decision.
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I started looking for a 10mm. Glock was the best option.
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I have always been a gun owner and strong 2nd amendment guy but never owned a Glock until about a year ago. The political climate made me decide to get a few more guns and I picked up a G19 Gen4 FDE loved the gun and when I got my conceal carry I also picked up a G26 Gen3 made in the USA gun to work into the carry rotation. Love them both!
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I had a department that required Glock for duty

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Originally Posted by ditto1958 View Post
Like a previous poster, I thought I was the world's worst handgun shooter. My S&W SD9 is a really nice gun, but like the Sigma, it has a terrible trigger. I could stand 10 feet away from something, take careful aim at it, shoot, and have no idea where my shot went. Certainly not at my target.

Last week when I took my new G23 out for the first time, I could not believe how much easier it was to shoot. I almost had to try to miss.
Okay, so I really like my Glock, but I didn't really answer the original question. What made me want one in the first place?

In no particular order:

Reputation-for reliability and durability
Law enforcement use-for over 20 years, almost every law enforcement officer I see has a Glock on his/her hip
Looks-seriously, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but they just look nice to me. Like a Mercedes, or BMW. Form follows function, but it still looks really good to me
YouTube- Hickok45, Armory Channel, Military Arms Channel...
In person impression- how they looked and felt when I picked them up in stores
Price- very fair price for the quality

Why "pull the trigger" on buying one when I did? To be honest, because when I saw mine in the store a couple of months ago, I realized it could be awhile before I would ever be able to get a NIB one any time soon. The stores around here in Feb. 2013 now have no Glocks available of any kind.
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Glock bandwagon

It was in the early 80's and a gun nut buddy of mine was talking up this new pistol called "Glock." At the time I was a young police officer as was my buddy, and we both had a strong interest in combat-type handguns.

It just so happened that my friend was very familiar with a firearms dealer that was one of the first major distributor's of glock handguns on the east coast, if not the entire country.

This particular dealer was mainly one that sold law enforcement products and firearms geared towards cops and special units such as tactical teams. Lo and behold, he just happened to have in stock a brand spanking' new shipment of glock 17's, of course these were the 1st generation models. I bought one without question and never looked back.

I was utterly amazed at the lightness of this particular handgun, how accurate it was and better yet the capacity it possessed which of course translated into firepower. It's simplicity was something that to me is still a feat of engineering that came from the mind of a true innovator, maybe even a genius although that's a pretty strong word to use.

At first people looked at this thing like it was some sort of piece of plastic junk, but little did anyone realize at the time the potential that this item had. It has now taken over the law enforcement market for some time even though S&W along with other gun companies have fielded their own "polymer" weapons.

I will admit that there are a lot of other great similar handguns out there, but at this point I own 8 glock and have no regrets whatsoever. It's probably still the easiest semi-auto to maintain and parts availability are second to none.

Let's just all hope that this so-called high capacity magazine law doesn't come into being. This would negate some of the benefits of this truly remarkable handgun...
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Well.... I guess for me it was in 2006 and 2011. Having been both military & law enforcement, I've always been a M9/92 Berretta guy. Obviously the Beretta is the standard US military sidearm & it also happened to be the sidearm that was issued when I was a cop. I was always one of those guys who said "I'll never own a PLASTIC gun". Well, in 2006 I went to the range with my neighbor and fired one of his Glocks... needless to say... I was hooked! Loved it! However, I just held on to my old Ruger P85... and in 2011 bought a Taurus PT709 for concealed carry. The Ruger was built like a tank and deadly accurate, but too big & heavy... after only one trip to the range with the Taurus I hated it. In mid 2011, Bud's Gun Shop online had 2nd Gen G22 police trade-ins for + 3 mags for $369. I jumped on it and bought one. Instantly fell in love with it. About a year ago I wound up going to the LGS and traded the old Ruger & the POS Taurus PT709 for an NIB 3rd Gen G26 for my concealed carry. So here I am... a faithful Glock shooter with 2 in my inventory as well as a 40-9 conversion barrel for the G22 & a few other OEM & after-market accessories. I wish I would have taken the plunge years earlier.
Here we go again.....

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