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Old 02-26-2013, 22:37   #21
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Originally Posted by larson1122 View Post
It's made for states that limit the number of "evil features."
Evil features or not still has a shoulder stock and any barrel less than 16" would be a no no without a tax stamp.

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Originally Posted by KK40384 View Post
Evil features or not still has a shoulder stock and any barrel less than 16" would be a no no without a tax stamp.

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I am aware, I was referring to the fact that it was designed for retarded states like CA and NY. It was never meant to be used for AR pistols.
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So in the link above, type III configuration would be considered an SBR if the barrel is shorter than 16"....since it has a fixed stock assembly. Right?

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All 3 configurations would be SBRs if the barrels are <16".
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Originally Posted by Travclem View Post
All 3 configurations would be SBRs if the barrels are <16".
This is your answer sir. Any configuration in those pictures would make that an SBR. Also, just because that pistol buffer can accept the shoulder pad, simply having that in the safe with the AR pistol would constitute constructive intent of an unregistered SBR if the barrel is less than 16". Unless you have a Form 1 with an approved stamp on it to make said pistol into an SBR, I wouldn't risk even buying it.
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Originally Posted by Raleigh Glocker View Post
Here's the stupidity of the law- did you buy this brand new as either a stripped lower or a pistol lower with the buffer tube installed?

As mentioned, it's OK to build a stripped receiver into a pistol, and you can convert a pistol to a rifle and back again without any problems.

However, if you build a rifle with it first, then you can't later make it a pistol. Same goes if the person you bought it from made it into a rifle first. Stupid, right?
Don't forget that you can make an AR pistol from a virgin receiver and use a carbine buffer tube which could easily accept a carbine stock, but having a spare carbine stock "in your possession" makes the legal configuration illegal. Talk about stupid...
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