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No kids in my house so I just lean mine up against the wall and headboard of my bed. 7 in the tube and 1 in the pipe, safety on

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Rooster Rugburn
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Rem 870, magazine fully loaded, safety off, a round in chamber with the breech open just beyond where the trigger will not fire the weapon. It's kept under the edge of the bed between lint free towels.

In case of emergency, all I have to do is grab it, close the breech, and engage.
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Originally Posted by Booker View Post
Mas Ayoob in his book Stress Fire II, recommends the following for a Pump Shotgun.
Magazine Loaded
Chamber Empty
Hammer Cocked
Safety On

This requires anyone who gains access to the weapon to manipulate the slide release, take off the safety, rack and load the shotgun, then fire. This is a very safe way to store a shotgun if you have toddlers about. Also will buy you time if a bad guy gets your weapon if they are unfamiliar with a Pumps' manual of arms!
This will probably work best for my situation. I'm going to wall mount the shotgun in the closet, probably above the door. Out of reach to a small child, but easy access for an adult.
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