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Originally Posted by 4949shooter View Post
They did a number on that car. I had read somewhere that Frank Hamer had possession of the Bonnie and Clyde guns, and the Parker family was trying to reclaim them.

But Frank Hamer wasn't giving them up.
Some of them were shared among the posse. BTW of trivial note, Bill Jordan's uncle was one of the posse that "poured the lead to them".
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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Some of them were shared among the posse. BTW of trivial note, Bill Jordan's uncle was one of the posse that "poured the lead to them".
That's interesting to know.
"...the men under your command deserve your leadership."-OXCOPS
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Originally Posted by CougarRed View Post
Man, if you had a link to a PDF file or some Customs study that concludes 10" penetration is minimally acceptable, I'd love to read it.

If not, what time period was this?
It was just after they'd started using .40 S&W, but it sounded like they were still influenced by the success of the older .357 Magnum and its performance. As I recall, their FTU people weren't publishing stuff for outside dissemination like the FBI, and at the same time they didn't necessarily see their needs as being the same when it came to "ballistic performance" as being interpreted within the context of gel testing.

No link. No archived report. Sorry.

I'm not the only LE firearms instructor from that time period, though, so someone else who visits the site might have further info.
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What works for LE will work equally well for me. Other options might work but I don't like betting my life on, "Might work."

But that's just me.

(I'll stay with what has the street credentials as it's been proven time and time again.)
When you finish speaking, don't forget to wipe.
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