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Which .357sig Gold Dot?

Speer offers two premium rounds for .357sig; product #54234 featuring a six-petal shallow cup Gold Dot and product #53918 featuring a "limited penetration" 5-petal shallow cup Gold Dot.

The #54234 velocity is given at 1375 fps and #53219 is given at 1350.

The six-petal bullet is available for reloading but the five-petal bullet is not.

What other information about these two rounds is available and is there any advantage of selecting one over the other?
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You are looking at around 16"-18" penetration with the 6 petal 234. With the 5 petal 918 expect 3"-4" less penetration. The 5 petal opens up quicker thus limiting penetration some. Expansion diameter between the two ends up about the same. For a shoter barrel 4" or less IMO you are better off with the 918 and 4"+ barrel start considering the 234.

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Always favor penetration (within reason).

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Tiro Fijo
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Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
...The six-petal bullet is available for reloading but the five-petal bullet is not...

Because six is an even number and the Gods favor as such. They frown upon odd numbers.

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