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Cleaning Mossberg 930?

I have a Mossberg 930 SPX that I shoot on occasion. It's mainly for home defense. I just shot about 16 shells 00buck through it. The gun was clean before that, because I had field stripped and cleaned it about 2 months ago after a day of shooting it. My question to you guys is how often should I field strip it after shooting it? I mean I always clean the bore and chamber even if I shoot three shells through it. But not really sure when to do a complete field strip.
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I usually just run a snug fitting dampened patch down the bore after a shooting session, then give the gun a wipedown with an oily cloth.

I save the field strip to every once in a while, of if I was out in the rain or snow. If the gun got wet, I strip it down afterwards, clean & relube.

For the most part a patch with the likes of Hoppes #9 through the bore & a general wipe down is all one needs.
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With that infrequent usage I'd just run a patch or a boresnake dipped in Hoppes through the bore...maybe field strip 2x a year...
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I like to clean my guns after the range. I actually enjoy the quiet time and I also like to inspect in for any issues? Did anything vibrate loose or break? It can happen even if you shoot it just once. Im weird that way though.

I have been on a tactical shotgun course where my side saddle vibrated right off of my Remington 870 Police Magnum. It wouldn't have done that if I had checked it and added loctite before the course. It was a dept shotgun. Lesson learned.

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