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Aviation Terms


> Subject: Aviation Terms
> Airspeed
> Speed of an airplane. Deduct 25% when listening to a Navy Pilot.
> Angle of Attack
> Pick up lines a pilot uses
> Bank
> The folks who hold the lien on most pilots cars
> Barrel Roll
> Sport enjoyed at squadron picnic, usually after the barrels are empty
> Carburetor Icing
> A phenomenon happening to aero club pilots at exactly the same time they
> run out of fuel
> Cone of Confusion
> An area about the size of New Jersey located near the final approach
> beacon at an airport
> Crab
> The squadron Ops officer
> Dead Reckoning
> You reckon correctly, or you are
> Engine Failure
> A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks become filled with air
> Firewall
> Section of the aircraft designed to let heat and smoke enter the cockpit
> Glide Distance
> Half the distance from an aircraft to the nearest emergency landing
> field
> Hydroplane
> An airplane designed to land on a wet runway, 20,000 feet long
> A method of flying by needle and parachute
> Nanosecond
> Time Delay built into the stall warning system
> Parasitic Drag
> A pilot who bums a ride back and complains about the service
> Range
> Usually about 30 miles beyond the point where the fuel tanks fill with
> air
> Roger
> Used when you are not sure what else to say
> Spoilers
> The Federal Aviation Administration
> Stall
> Technique used to explain to the bank why your car payment is late
> Tactics
> What a clock sounds like when it needs fixing
> Yankee
> Any pilot that asks Houston tower to "Say Again
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