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Part 3 of 5


The use of this symbol, by the Masons, is not the acknowledgment of some kind of "evil" demonic god, nor is it a secret sign that "big brother" is watching us. And for any Anti-Mason to spout this kind of rhetoric is another example of their flawed "research", and intent to ridicule this Fraternity through a constant barrage of lies! The usage of the all seeing eye, by the Masonic Fraternity, is as a reminder of the ever present, and watchful eye of the Lord God, who keeps and protects all of His children. I suggest you read Psalm 33:18 and Proverbs 15:13, both of these deal with the Eye of God. To this subject, I must add, any Anti-Mason's claim to the contrary is a complete misrepresentation of the truth.


The Anti-Mason's accusation that the use of an apron, is for the covering the "genitals" of the Mason because men can regenerate and women can't, is not only sick, but a lie. The usage of the apron, is as a most significant reminder of the symbolic origins of the Masonic Fraternity. Which, are placed to the days of the Operative Masons, and their art. Not as some sort of lesson in male superiority, or female submission. And, with regard to the other Anti-Masonic lie, about Masons being told that they will gain admittance into Heaven if they keep their apron spotless and pure white. This is one more example of how far these Anti-Masons are willing to go in order to discredit this Fraternity. Members of the Masonic Lodge are not now, nor were they ever taught that they will go to Heaven if they keep their apron clean and spot free. This is not only a lie, but the shear stupidity of this accusation only adds to the picture of incompetence that the Anti-Masons have painted themselves into.


This is not some bizarre reference to any kind of baal worship, nor some kind of perverse sexual connection, so often touted by the Anti-Masons. The point within a circle serves as a reminder the each Mason that he is the point, and the circle is the boundary-line of his duty. Meaning, that a Mason is admonished to help a Brother Mason or his family, to the extent that he can afford to... without financial injury to himself or his family. The Bible rests atop this circle, and serves as a reminder that as the Mason attends to his duty, he should utilize the Holy Scriptures.


The Anti-Masons's accusation that the Great Seal, of the United States of America, is in fact some kind of a Masonically influenced omen, leading to the end of America, and the rest of civilization as we know it, is another lie. Actually, this incredible fabrication only serves to illustrate one point very well, that the Anti-Masons are proven to have very vivid imaginations. The Great Seal was designed by William Barton and Charles Thompson who were appointed by the U.S. Congress, neither of these men were Masons. The words "Annuit Coeptis", mean "God has favored our undertaking". The words "Novus Ordo Seclorum", mean, "A New Order Of The Ages". It is a reference to the beginning of a new country, America. William Barton stated that "the unfinished pyramid represents the strength and duration of an evolving nation, America." And the eye over the top of the pyramid alludes to "the many intercessions of God in favor of the American cause". The Roman numerals at the base of the pyramid, MDCCLXXI, signify the year 1776, the year of the "Official" Independence of America from Great Britain. The Great Seal was adopted by the U.S. Congress in 1782. Once again, I have pointed out another of the lies, and intentional deceptions, that these "Christian" Anti-Masons try to sell to the public. And, if any of these Anti-Masons were to ever take the time to open a Latin Dictionary, or even a copy of Webster's Reference Library, they would find the definition of these words, as well as an explanation of the meaning of the Great Seal of the United States.


The member who falls behind in his dues is not kicked out, and told that he will burn in hell for falling behind in his dues. The Masonic Lodge, in almost every case, covers the dues for a member who cannot pay. And, since there is no doctrine of Salvation taught in this Fraternity, there is no chance that the member would be told that he will burn in hell. How many more of these lies are there? These Anti-Masons should be ashamed of the way in which they have portrayed this Fraternity. Not only are these lies and intentional deceptions a direct violation of the Commandments that God gave all of us to obey, but they only serve to tear down any shred of what they call "Christian" ethics. In the end, the Anti-Masons and their Co-horts wind up only looking like the fools they are.


Why does this bother these Anti-Masons ? Is it because they have nothing better to do than continually invent more and more distortions, half-truths and flat out lies about this Fraternity ? Or do they feel guilty about not having the love of Christ in their hearts ?

Nearly every youth in America participates in, the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Little League Baseball, Band, Track, Basketball, Tennis, Diving, Photo Club, Football, Cheerleading, and several other extracurricular activities. Never is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ used in some kind of "religiously indoctrinating" manner. No one would suggest that any of these activities are some kind of demonically-influenced, Anti-Christ, cult-like organization. Just because the name of our Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ is not tossed around like we see on nearly every "Christian" televangelist money-grabbing "soul-saving" television program, does not mean that the organization is Anti-Christ. As mentioned before, Freemasonry started out as a Christians only fraternity, and in the true spirit of service to God and brotherly love, it was opened to all men who believe in the One True God. There is nothing wrong with the Masonic Fraternity, only when the narrow-minded "Christian" Anti-Masons decide to open their eyes and hearts, will this world become a better place for all true Christians.


This curious piece of work, located in England, does not have any connection with the Masonic Fraternity. Even-though several books have been published by Masons and Non-Masons alike all trying to find some kind of connection between the Masons and Stonehenge, their conclusions are generally off base. If there were any Masons involved in the construction of Stonehenge, they were operative masons, not Fraternal Masons. And for any of these Anti-Masons to continually trump up charges against this Fraternity, stating that Freemasons take part in "bloody Druid sacrificial rituals" is also a lie.


For the Anti-Masons to claim that the Masonic Fraternity is composed of the lowest forms of human life, ie: drunkards, criminals, liars, cheats, perverts, etc., is another incredible lie. I refer you to chapter six of this book. You will be thoroughly convinced that this allegation is terribly wrong. However, in an even more thorough attempt to refute it further, I will point out that membership in this Fraternity is only accomplished after a very careful screening process. Once the potential member has been investigated, to weed out criminals, drunkards, sex offenders, etc., then that person must then be voted on by the members of that Lodge. If he is rejected then that serves as the end of the line for that person. While this process does not always work, the chance of a member being expelled after being found out, or for committing crimes are very real. And as such, these expelled members are one of the primary sources for the Anti-Masonic propaganda that has been used and recirculated over the past two hundred years. Secondly, the Masonic Fraternity, regardless of its allegorical origins, has from its inception consisted of the upper class's of society. Kings, Princes, Military Officers, Scholars, Clergy, Doctors, Business Leaders, Government Officials, Entertainers, and others, who through their membership in this Fraternity, laid the groundwork for the prestige of membership. And, since the precedent had been set, it is a rule of thumb that generally any man who is admitted into this Fraternity will find himself among other like-minded, clean, moral, and financially stable men. Here we see that another of the Anti-Masonic slurs has no substance, and it should be disregarded.


At the beginning of a Lodge meeting of Freemasons, the Senior Deacon bows to the Bible, then he opens it. At the ending of the meeting, he once again bows to the Bible, then he closes it. When the Senior Deacon "bows", it is not to the Lodge Master, it is in acknowledgment of, and in reverence to, the Word of God. Every Mason knows this fact, and for the Anti-Masons to claim that Masons bow to the presiding officer of the Lodge is another lie.


What other word could be used to describe a piece of furniture worthy of having the Holy Bible, the Word of God rest upon it. This piece of furniture, the Altar, is located in the center of the Lodge room, and has the Bible placed on it. The location of the Altar is very significant. Because it serves as a reminder to all Masons that as the Word of God is the center of all Masonry, so should it be the center of our lives. For the Anti-Masons to twist this around into some kind of evil statement about the Masonic Fraternity, really escapes any kind of logic. Once again, the Anti-Masons have shown their true intentions, which are to profit off the lies they manage, somehow, to sell to unsuspecting Christians.


The Lord our God used this as a "name" in Exodus 3:13-14. The Royal Arch Masons, in using this name, acknowledge the greatness of God in its lessons. According to the allegorical story used in the Royal Arch Degree, the workers rebuilding the second Temple of King Soloman were to be believers in The One True God. The only way the Temple guards were assured of this fact was to use a "password" that only these people would know. Because of that history the Royal Arch Masons use this "name" its Degree. It is not in the assuming of any kind of godhood. And for any of these Anti-Masons to continually twist the allegorical story told in the Royal Arch Degree around to fit their slanderous needs is truly appalling, and a very Un-Christian act.


Also called to as the Great Architect of the Universe, or G.A.O.T.U. To the Anti-Masons who have a problem with this reference to the Lord our God, I suggest you read Genesis 1:1, and Colossians 1:16. In these, and dozens of other scriptural references, the Lord God is credited with being the Creator, Maker, Builder, Architect, and Designer, of the Heavens and the Earth. What better way to describe the awe inspiring power of our Lord than to use these words. To refer to God as the Supreme/Great/Grand Architect of the Universe is to proclaim him as the Creator and Ruler of all. This is not a blasphemous statement, and for any Anti-Mason to claim that Masonry's use of it for the name of some kind of occultic/satanic Masonic god is a lie. As such, for any Anti-Mason to contend that it is, shows their ignorance and unwillingness to attribute the Lord God as the Creator of All.


The Masonic Fraternity is not some kind of "front" for the Mormons, ie: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And for the Anti-Masons to make this claim not only shows how ignorant they truly are, but how little research they are willing to do. It is true that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were Masons. However, they were expelled from the Fraternity. Some of the reasons listed were polygamy, and conduct unbecoming a Mason, among others. There were three Masonic Lodges in Illinois, run by some of the Mormon leaders, that made over one-thousand five-hundred Masons in 1842. When the Grand Lodge of Illinois found out the circumstances surrounding this event, the Charters were pulled from all three Lodges, and the membership was revoked from the new Masons. The similarity of the Endowment Ceremony, or the Temple Ceremony and anything in Freemasonry had been plagiarized by Joseph Smith. His use of Masonic signs, words or forms was without the knowledge or approval of any Grand Lodge. For decades the Mormon church has prohibited its members from being members of the Masons. And, the Grand Lodge of Utah also had a similar regulation. Although, the Grand Lodge of Utah, in 1984, lifted this ban on Mormons holding membership in the Masonic Lodge. There is no possibility for the Masons and the Mormons to be "in cahoots" and for any Anti-Mason to claim they have proof is another lie.


Trying to condemn members of this Fraternity, based on the idea that The Lord looks unfavorably on people who "squander" their time, is a really stupid, and pointless argument. I guess it depends on a person's interpretation of "wasted time". Reading Genesis 2:2-3 indicates that God rested on the Seventh day, after six days of work. Once again, The Lord God, has not only set a precedent, but enjoyed the opportunity to take a "breather". The members of any organization, Veteran, Fraternal, or Civic are not wasting their time by being involved with these groups and their charitable endeavors. The volunteers who help to feed the homeless, as well as the people who help search for survivors after a disaster all play an important role in the human experience.

ETA: The above is reprinted by permission.

1995, Conspiracy of Hate: A Christian Perspective on the un-Christian Tactics of the anti-Masons
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