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Very Rude/Bad Experience at local Gun Shop yesterday! SW Missouri

First off let me quick say my main firearm is a G22, but this day I was hunting down Walther P22 accessories... This was my experience at EDI Plus Gun Shop in Nixa, MO.

I know that I'm new here but I'm certainly not new to shooting sports growing up with a 26 year veteran of the Olathe, KS police dept as a Father. Yesterday was far and away the worst experience of my life at a gun shop and I'm not one to bad mouth people or a business, but something must be said about EDI Plus Gun shop in Nixa, MO (Kinder Street).

My neighbor and I went in there just to check out his selection of firearms, reloading equipment and ammo prices yesterday after I called to see if he had any P22 Magazines.

First off we were kindly asked upon entry if they help us find anything, to which we replied "No thanks just looking around!"

Later I asked a man behind the counter about the P22 price they had in the case and he kindly told me he didn't work there and yelled over to a group of guys and said "Steve this guy has a question". Someone from the group of doughnut eating bystanders replied with "What do you want?"... Not knowing which one of them spoke (none of them were looking at me) I said "Which one is Steve I didn't see which of you spoke?".

Steve then stepped from out of the group to once again in a rude tone say "The one that just asked you what YOU want!". I quickly apologized and said I didn't see which one spoke. I then proceeded to ask about the P22. Steve gave me the prices but seemed bothered by my question. I thanked him and returned to looking around the store.

While browsing the store I picked up three manufacturer brochures; a S&W, Ruger and lastly a Kimber. I carried them all through the store while continuing to look. Steve then came from behind to counter and said in a loud tone of voice so all his buddies could hear "You called earlier about P22 Mags right!? FUNNY how I figured that out huh?" Steve then returned to the counter after smugly smiling at me and his buddies. At that time I had had enough of his rudeness, thanked him and proceeded to the door, when Steve in an even louder tone of voice yelled from across the shop "Are you taking those magazine from my store?" (meaning the free brochures)

I responded with "Is that okay? They are free bruchures right?".

Steve - "If you think so - thanks for coming in" (again a very rude tone of voice)

My neighbor who had accompanied me turns and says "Are they magazines or brochures?" (they are in fact manufacturer brochures)

Steve then replies in an even louder tone of voice "LOOK I just want people to be nice to me in my store and ASK before they take things - thanks for coming in now GO"

I then again asked "Are they not free? Is this okay"

Steve again replied "Thanks for coming in" (again rude tone of voice).

WE LEFT despite wanting to get into a confrontation with Steve.

Now I understand I was in there asking about a relatively cheap, low caliber firearm but that doesn't give this gun shop owner the right to treat ANYONE like this. Customer, potential customer or NO. VERY Unacceptable and while I very well could have eventually spent a considerable amount of $$$ in this store I will never go back nor will I let any friends ever go there.

The worst part about this for Steve and EDI Plus Gun Shop is that my neighbor that accompanied me, his wife works for a competing gun shop across town and she now knows the way in which we were treated. Do you think she'll ever recommend someone go to his shop? The kicker is that I work for one of the two largest outdoor retailers in the Country (I'm sure if you shop at either of them and you put two and two together with the location you can figure out which one!) and unfortunately for Steve and EDI I come into contact with more than my fare share of hunters, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts and therefore will have the opportunity to tell this story to many a potential customer.

Again I just wanted to share this experience because no one should be treated this way, and if you have the opportunity to shop at a local gun shop in the SW Missouri area I STRONGLY suggest you steer clear of Steve and EDI Plus in Nixa.

Maybe Steve would have been more respectful had I questioned him regarding Glock Accessories or something of a higher caliber, but simply put this was a terrible experience.

Anyone else ever have an experience like this?
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