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CCF Raceframe: Updated! Initial Impression - PENDING…

I've added another post to the thread about the buffer issue. Look below. The sort of it is that there is a very plausable explanation to the matter and CCF was helpful over the phone.

The short of it is, I've been considering one of these for almost a year - since I first heard about them - I've ended buying this or that and never really making it a priority as I was hemming and hawing and figured I'd get to it at some point - BIG MISTAKE, I REALLY wish I'd bought the frame a long time ago -it would have had A LOT of influence on other decisions I'd made. If you are interested in these things, PULL THE TRIGGER and buy one - I doubt you'll be uphappy. Even if they don't end up working out for sport shooting - THETY ARE JUST PLAIN FUN. The rest of my "mini" review is below.

Took the Raceframe out today for the first run since putting it together. For the time being the gun is:

- SS frame
- All Glock OEM lower parts (save the ones provided by CCF), match version of parts when available (I.e 3.5 disconnector, extended mag latch, extended slide release)
- Glock 22 complete upper – right off a G22 gen3 pistol

Gun ran fine, albeit I only put 50 rounds through it – will likely put about 300 more tomorrow. I was shooting Federal factory 180 FMJ ammo. All I can say is WOW – the thing Rocks! I put 30 rounds down range with the 22 and OEM frame first, just to be able to compare the 2. (30 not included in the 50 put though the CCF)

After owning a 35, 27, 24 and 22 (all .40s) I can say the thing I LEAST like about glocks is the trigger bite – shooting the OEM gun first reminded me of this. After running the 2 mags through the OEM gun I switched over the top end. It couldn’t have been easer – just drop the top end off the OEM pistol, pull the guide rod, put in the “shock-buff” (more on this in a bit..), put back the guide rod and reassemble on the CCF frame. 60 seconds tops, and this was to include a liberal application of gun oil to the CCF frame rails – screw all the “run your glock dry” crap – I oil and oil liberally.

Anyhow, I shot it at 15 yards first, at a 6 inch blaze orange stick-on target with a 1 inch black “shoot and see” paster in the center of it. First shot went directly through the paster – I couldn’thave been happier…

I shot the gun at both 7 and 15 yards only. Groups were only slightly smaller at 7 (telling me it mechanically did not make the gun more accurate), but they were MUCH improved at 15 – which I attribute to the weight and that influence on follow-up shots. Things were just much tighter, the groups BETTER then my G35 with Barsto at same distance.

Noticed the trigger was… different. Not bad, just different. I’ve trained myself to let off just to the Glock trigger resets, which on a stock frame is a very noticeable *CLICK* - not so on the CCF – it is very mellow – I even missed it several times. All in all trigger felt noticeably smoother although I did no polishing to either the trigger components or frame, although I intend to. I’m a little put off by missing the reset (I’m guessing the weight of frame + full mag deadens it) although the smoothing out of the trigger in general is a nice trade off. Time will tell on a final verdict, although I’m guessing I’ll get used to the diminished click and continue to rock the trigger as in the past with the OEM frame.

All in all, I’m VERY, VERY pleases with this initial, although limited outing. Only function issue was a single incidence of the slide not locking back on an empty mag. I then loaded 3 sets of 3 rounds into the same mag and did not have any issue with it locking back again. I then continued to use the same mag for the rest of the outing and had not other issues. This leads me to believe I may have been riding the slide lock a little with my grip… Otherwise, If I could right this minute, I’d buy at least 2-3 more CCF frames. One to build a dedicated 9mm gun, one for a long-slide and one to “tuck away.” Providing that they (CCF) finishes debugging them (locking block issues and shock-buff) these will truly revolutionize sport shooting with Glocks. As far as other uses? Not sure, but I can say the look (the grey just looks killer with the contrasting black slide and hardware), the “feel” (the weight, heft, or whatever you want to call it…) and finally the way it mellows out the .40 cartridge – it is well worth the purchase assuming you’ve got the cash. My gut tells me that sport shooters would be the biggest market for these, however, I would advise ANYONE with the spare cash and the inkling to buy a second Glock just to have fun with, skip the OEM Glock and buy a CCF frame – they are a lot of fun and it’s also a great learning experience about your gun by having to order the parts and assemble it.

On the shock buffs – what a joke. I put 50 on mine today and it looks rode hard and put away wet – there is no way on god’s green earth that the buff will make it past 400-500 rounds. At $8.95 retail they REALLY need to figure this out – the buffs SUCK.

Finally, on the changeable backstrap. I ordered both and tried each – moving back and forth. They stay on with friction and I did not install the CCF provided roll pin to secure either at this point. I’d have to say that with my hand size (on the smaller side) going in I was leaning towards the “1911” insert. It felt more comfortable dry firing at home. To my surprise, I found the grip changes on the CCF (beaver tail, relieved undercut trigger guard, checkering, weight) all helped to make the OEM configured grip the one I preferred by the time I was done – which I would have never guessed going in. It looks like with the CCF I’ll be sticking with the OEM grip config, although I’d take a grip reduction on the OEM *FRAME* any day. My 24 is a gen2 but I get this on all of the OEM frames to some extent – the snappiness of the .40 cartridge just does not allow me to keep the same grip on the gun shot to shot, the darn grip just slips all over the place. This thing (the CCF) was CEMENTED in my hand and moved NO WHERE.

Last and not least, THE F’ING TRIGGER BITE IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps,


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