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Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg View Post
Posts 2 and 3 are correct. Very correct.
Agreed. Your sister needs to get a divorce also.
Gun Ownership Offers Freedom in Many Dimensions
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In that situation you shoot and you would go to jail. You may be denied bond and in the current political climate you would be convicted for manslaughter. Self defenese does not allow you to be a police man. In those events you were acting as a police man. Now say you stay home and call the police. They do the same as what you did. The guy is upset and visits you at your home with the bat. You see him drive up and lock your door. He breaks down the door with his bat and starts toward you. Now you can shoot in self defense and it would be a good shoot. Leave you gun at home if you are going to be involved in a family problem.
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Old 02-20-2013, 06:31   #78
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Originally Posted by Reaver2218 View Post
well a update I got my sister to call the cops so my brother took her to her apartment to meet them so there that is.
What came out of this meeting?
Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

"Comment is free, but facts are sacred." C.P. Scott, 1921
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This could have gone really really bad.
Say you shot the guy. A prosecutor could have painted a very ugly picture.
Simply put. Your sister got in a domestic and called you. You strapped on a gun, went to her house, and shot her bf.
At the very least, this could have been a very bad deal for you.
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Re: OP. Quit playing Marshal Dillon. Call the police. Best route to follow in this sort of thing. Period.
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Old 02-20-2013, 08:56   #81
Bruce M
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Add me to the increasing column who thinks that the much better choice would be to call the police and not to go to the scene of a domestic dispute or domestic battery involving others. I know a few who at the scene of a domestic will eventually start asking were everyone lives and what brought them to a scene if they do not reside there. People who make a decision to go to a domestic rather than away from it tend to move up on the list of potential people to arrest; people who elect to go to the scene of a domestic with a gun tend to move up the list faster and further.
I never talked to anyone who had to fire their gun who said "I wished I had the smaller gun and fewer rounds with me" Just because you find a hundred people who agree with you on the internet does not mean you're right.
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Originally Posted by quinnt View Post
Should've got the cops involved. Starts a paper trail.

Also, IIRC some states could charge you with brandishing since you didn't use it, I'm not sure how Ohio is.
Should have got the cops involved after he shot the idiot dead.

This while situation will repeat itself and drunk knucklehead will be better armed next time.

posted from my stupid smart phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.
"If your plan is for one year, plant rice.
If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.
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educate children." -- Confucius
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Originally Posted by GLOCK19FTW View Post
I've only had to pull my gun on ONE person before, and even though I didn't shoot, I still called the police immediately once I got home to let them know what happened.

Here's my story:

It was about 12 AM, maybe 1, and the only store that was open is a 24-hour corner store that is always infested with wanna-be gangsters and thugs.

WHY the store owners allow those idiots to hang out around the door is beyond me.. but that is a different story.

It was a weekend, and my wife wanted to have some drinks & watch some movies. No problem there, except we didn't have any beer.

So, knowing that was the only store open and the people I could expect to be there, I took my G22 with me and kept it in the glove box.

Sure enough, once I left the store & got in my car, all of a sudden some crackhead starts running at the passenger side of the car out of nowhere, screaming "AY where you goin homeboy, give me a ride nigga!"

He then grabs at the passenger side door handle, trying to get in. It was locked, because I already knew what kind of people hang out down there.. especially at that time of night. I locked it before I left the house.

So when he couldn't get in thru the passenger door, he starts running around to the driver's side.

So I reached in the glove box, pulled my pistol and cocked it (I didn't used to keep one in the chamber, but I do now)

The crackhead hears me racking the slide, and when he gets around to my side of the car, I tell him to "back the F up right now"

He didn't listen, and was now screaming "oh I bet that ***** isn't even loaded" and he kept on coming, and was now blocking me from leaving at all.

Since I had one in the chamber, I popped the mag out & showed him the bullets, put the mag back in, and again I told him to back up or he would be shot.

Needless to say, he backed off REAL quick after that.

So I haul ass out of there, and when I get home, I call the police and let them know what happened, where it happened, etc. and I gave a perfect description of the guy.

The police come out to take my written statement & I had my pistol sitting on the kitchen table, and I was in the living room having a beer to calm my nerves (I was still shaking pretty bad from the adrenaline/fear, and they definitely noticed.)

The cop goes and stands next to it (standard procedure I'm sure.. secure the weapon while he's there)

So anyway - It turns out the crackhead had just got done robbing a different store a few hours ago, and he was trying to carjack me to get out of the state.

That is scary stuff dude. They caught him ONLY because of my report and description.

If I hadn't called, he could have succeeded with his next "victim" (turns out, he was still hanging out behind the store when the police got there!)

Glock19FTW, that's some scary "It happened to me!" story and one heckuva lesson on what to do when it does!
I am amazed at your coolness and collective thinking under extreme duress. I don't think Mr. Ayoob could have handled that any better!

I hope other gentle readers scoop up the info here and put it to good use if any such problem asserts itself with them.

A salute and a long Rebel yell to you from this old Secessh!

Deo Vindice!
We warned you in 1862!

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