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Old 10-06-2012, 17:35   #51
Angry Fist
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I keep mine loaded down by 1. Makes a good place to put the chambered round if you ever want to clear the weapon. Better than loading, taking the mag out, topping off, then reinserting. And, to me, it's slightly easier to load than a full mag.
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Originally Posted by TactiCool View Post
The only reason GI mags were ever loaded to just 28 rounds was so that it would more easily seat on a closed bolt. It won't compromise function at all to load them to capacity, even for long-term storage.
I won't disagree with you. I'm simply saying that for several years that wasn't what was being taught in the Colt AR15/M16 armorer classes for LE users.

For a while we were told that Colt was cycling out its function testing AR mags something like every 90 days (due to wear). Dunno if they're still doing it that way.

I can say that I've seen surprising service exhibited by AR 30-rd mags (as sold by Colt and a couple other companies who sell to LE/Gov buyers), even when they're being used for a few years (constantly being loaded for training/quals). Once it may reach a point where occasional (as necessary) cleaning, and maybe a follower or spring replacement, can't keep them running, though, they're ready for destruction/discard and replacement. I'd be more careful of service use mags, though.

And as for every magazine spring ever made being properly designed for the box magazine in which it's going to be used, and being tempered with exacting precision?

Well, cost savings on materials & manufacturing, meeting low bids and/or the use of third party vendor supplied parts may not always allow those lofty ideals to be realized.

That's why I've long since stopped being surprised, amazed, disappointed or annoyed when an occasional spring (or set of springs) fails to provide similar length of proper service as some other spring (or springs), even when it hasn't been subjected to numerous compression cycles, but only being left fully compressed.

People will continue to debate this subject as long as we're using wire coil springs. I doubt everyone will ever reach complete agreement.

I'll continue to remain unsurprised when 9mm mag (and recoil) spring service life may sometimes seem to exceed that of .40/.45/.357 pistols, too.
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Originally Posted by quichedem View Post
I never said it was, but everything I've stated is researchable.

I, reluctantly, went back to Vickers' site, and I found nothing related to his "technical" credability. Did I miss it? Can you show me where it is?
Also, He calls himself "the father of the Hk 416." Other sparse and vague phrases on his own website, and hkpro, I don't see any factual information that states exactly his involvment in any part of the design process. If you believe that, I urge you to believe that I'm the "father of the refrigerator." The father of the Hk 416 is Eugene Stoner. Some German mechanical engineer tweaked an old piston design and Hk decided to mill out parts instead of casting, and everyone wants to act like they reinvented the wheel? Please! I love Hks. I have one, and I've actually handled a 416 (not the MR556). While robust, it's not superior. I'd bet the German mechanical engineer at Hk has never even heard of Larry Vickers. Now back to the magazine issue:
I'm too lazy to find it to quote, but someone replied that the USGI 30 round magazines are actually designed to hold 28. THAT'S THE BIGGEST LOAD OF CRAP I'VE READ YET!! You show me where, in ANY firearms manual, the manufacturer suggests this, and I will gladly apologize for calling you an idiot. I certainly never came across that sentence in any firearms manual I've ever seen.
I give up. Everyone believe whatever you want. If you want the truth, demand it be backed by experiment and factual data.

Originally Posted by Alias_Training View Post
Vickers is a decorated US Army Special Forces veteran and national pistol champion. Mr. Vickers has nearly two decades of special operations experience (1 SFOD-Delta), much of which was spent as his unit’s Primary Firearms Instructor. In addition to his special operations accomplishments, his competitive shooting has yielded a 10th and 9th place finish in the 1993 and 1994 USPSA Limited Nationals as well as a 1st place finish in CDP class at the 2001 IDPA Mid-Winter Nationals. Mr. Vickers is a founding member of IDPA. In addition to being a highly experienced operator and national pistol champion, Mr. Vickers is also one of the premier 1911 pistolsmiths in the country and his work has been featured in several firearms publications and on the cover of American Handgunner. In addition to all this, Mr. Vickers has served as a consultant and technical expert to the firearms industry. Mr. Vickers started his T.V. career on the wildy successful Tactical Impact and Tactical Arms shows and now stars on The Sportsman Channel TAC-TV.
You'd think if Vickers was the fraud that you claim he is that he would have been exposed by now. Still waiting on your credentials since you've called his into question.
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Old 10-07-2012, 14:06   #54
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I have fully loaded my defensive magazines for years. I've never had any issues except for some older 1911 magazines. Since I shoot a ton every week, I tend to wear my mag springs out by use. Some of my mags have been fully loaded for about a year. They've been flawless since using them again.
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Old 11-05-2012, 16:21   #55
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The discussion continues! This months American Rifleman magazine (NRA) answered the asked question "is it wise to keep magazines loaded all the time?". They say no. They go on to say that "all springs weaken under tension". They say to rotate your magazines at least every couple of months. I'm sure the same goes for all firearm springs as well.
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Originally Posted by 12131 View Post
If your worried about it, leave one less round in your mags or rotate them on a regular basis. I don't see any need to do that though.
OK, since you're so smart, here's English lesson of the day. Striking out part of your last paragraph and leaving the last sentence intact, as above, makes any sense to you?
Since it's already established that leaving the mag fully loaded for years does not affect its function, what's the point of being "worried about it"? Hence, I struck out your entire last paragraph.

That concludes the lesson for the day. You 're welcome, sir/ma'am . Get yourself some sense of humor, will you?

Btw, I leave my mags fully loaded for years, too. Never had a problem.

It's too bad that there isn't a go pound salt smilie since writing what I really want to would cost me an infraction.

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With the amount of people leaving magazines full for years on end then having NO issues when using them it's absolutely retarded for there to be any sort of question/debate. Just bored guys/gals sitting around trying to find something to talk about or in the case of magazines, writters and publishers sitting around trying to keep advertisers happy.
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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
With the amount of people leaving magazines full for years on end then having NO issues when using them it's absolutely retarded for there to be any sort of question/debate. Just bored guys/gals sitting around trying to find something to talk about or in the case of magazines, writters and publishers sitting around trying to keep advertisers happy.
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Old 11-05-2012, 21:47   #59
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For my Glock 19 I have 2 15 round mags loaded with 13 rounds.
For my M4 I have 2 PMags 30 rounders with 28.

Have not switched out mags. So looks like I am middle of road.
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Old 11-05-2012, 22:22   #60
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Load your magazines. Leave them. Don't worry about it.

Cycling them (use) is what most wears the springs.

This assumes your magazines aren't POS's, I guess.
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