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Old 02-12-2013, 09:31   #21
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I like both rifles. Ruger and Savage. Savage with an accu-trigger is pretty awesome for the money.

But, my biggest gripe about the savage is the terrible magazines. They just suck, plain and simple. They're a pain to get out and a pain to get back in.

Ruger, on the other hand, nailed the magazine on the 10/22.

There are also a billion accessories for the 10/22.

I've got a Savage 64 BTV. Love the gun. Hate the magazines.
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Old 02-12-2013, 14:36   #22
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Old savages rule!! Tube fed bolts kill he competition. Otherwise...get a 10/22. The new OEM mags on the savage don't like to feed. I have owned 3 different model savages. Every mk2 I have plinked with wasn't much more accurate and loading a round took the fun out of shooting. Plus the bolt pinches if you get your hand up too close

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Old 02-12-2013, 19:28   #23
FH Alum
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There is no wrong answer here!

I have 4 of the savage rifles (three in .22 one in .17) and two of the 10/22's. Each has it's own use and purpose.

The Savage in anything other than the Tupperware stocks rock. I have 16 savage mags and no issues yet. Great bolt guns and the factory threading is crisp and centered to the bore. 2 of the 4 are for silencer use. I put a set of tech sights on one and it is a fantastic kid trainer. The .17 is a laser beam of death to any ground squirrel within 100 yards.

10/22, They are OK out of the box but dump a few hundred more into them and nothing can compare. Match triggers, stocks and barrels will create a rifle that will run with any other rimfire made and all you need is a screwdriver and allen wrenches. I don't like the 10/22 for silencer use. (however my Mark III 22/45 TB rocks go figure.)

The CZ are beautiful rifles but more $ up front. If you don't want to play the custom game and want nice wood and trigger out of the box I can't argue this purchase. However, I think the Savage is more accurate and if you get a threaded barrel CZ the thread pitch is not 1/2 x 28 an adapter is needed. Savage mags and accessories much easier to find.

Also, not made in USA -not a deal killer for me as I have a ton of stuff made in Germany and Austria but still, when I can wave the flag it's nice.
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Old 02-24-2013, 22:51   #24
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I have 3 savage .22's in my safe. One a MarkII BV (mine) another a Scout (younger kids, predecessor to the rascal) and an older MarkII lefty (10 y.o. sons, pre accutrigger)

They are all great, but the BV is THE MOST ACCURATE rifle I have ever owned. Ragged one hole groups at 50 yds with good ammo, not much worse with cheap bulk pack stuff. With a BSA sweet .22 scope and Winchester power-points, 100+ yd ground squirrels are so easy it feels like cheating. Last spring I even made a 156 yd head shot on a rock chuck, on the first shot. I just dialed the range, guessed a couple clicks for the wind, and it was a done deal. That rifle is SWEET.

This summer I put a 2X scope on the Scout an it will also shoot tiny groups. I really like it as a trainer rifle for my kids. The peep sights were easy to learn on, the single shot makes them think about making it count, and the trigger is great. I looked at lots of jr. size .22's before I bought it, and most of them seemed like junk, but that little savage is great. If the Rascal shoots as good as the Scout it's great too.

It seems like the overall quality of 10/22's has gone down over the years, but the price has gone WAY up, and mine has never been very reliable or accurate, although the rotary magazine is awesome, I wish the savage had one.

I would get a Savage, unless you can find a great deal on a Ruger 77/22. Those are great too, and have a rotary mag, but my Savage will still out shoot it, and has a smaller price tag.

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Old 02-24-2013, 22:59   #25
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I love my 10/22.
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