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Old 05-01-2013, 19:36   #26
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I have one with the standard stock. No canted sights on mine. Reliable out of the box. It's a joy to shoot any load, from slugs to target/bird shot. Fit is good, but finish is not so hot. However, it's reliable and feeds everything.

For the longest time, I couldn't justify the Benelli but I just bought mine yesterday.n I'll try these two side by side.
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Old 05-02-2013, 13:16   #27
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I see this is an old thread recently revived. I have one and like it a lot. It has been completely reliable through several hundred rounds of 12 gauge buckshot. It's a lot of fun to shoot.
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Old 05-02-2013, 21:33   #28
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I've got one too and am happy with it. Only problem it's had is feeding from the magazine by racking the bolt. i.e. if you load it by the manual, inserting one in the chamber, then loading the mag, no problem. If you load the mag with the chamber empty, you can't chamber a round from the mag. There's an insanely long thread about the 930 SPX on the BE forum where a fix for this is described (basically a fluff and buff on the shell holder). I did it, and it solved my one problem. I think I'm ready to sell my pump shotgun. I don't know what I'd do with it that I wouldn't rather do with the 930.
what guns?
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Old 05-05-2013, 07:56   #29
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I've had my latest gen. 930SPX with the traditional stock for a few years now. It has cycled everything I have put through it with not a single malfunction. The finish is pretty decent, and what you would expect on a Mossberg shotgun at this price point.
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Old 05-05-2013, 08:33   #30
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A friend recently bought one and he said it will not cycle Remington Reduced Recoil 00 buck.

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Old 05-05-2013, 13:40   #31
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How you hold the gun will effect how it cycles, to a significant degree, regardless of the firearm type. Across different shooters, we've no standard way and no guarantee that everyone who voiced their opinion will hold the gun exactly the same way. Take people's comments, with a grain of salt.

Try this presentation. Pull in your weak arm grip, toward you, 30%. Push out your strong arm grip, away from you, 70%. Only lightly place the butt at your shoulder junction. Try it different amount of pull & push combinations. This way, your arms act as shock absorbers, allowing you to have quick following up shots. Bam bam bam. But at the same time, some lower powered ammo will not cycle reliably!

The best way to test a gun design is to find a friend who owns one and see how it will work for you, YOUR way.

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