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Old 08-11-2014, 19:42   #41
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Originally Posted by MooMooBoo View Post
Again, you're failing to see that im not defending the state. Im defending the people who are your allies in protecting 2A. But keep on attacking the people who are on your side, id say thats a sure path to victory.
Actually, MMB, I agree with you 100%.

My initial post was aimed at the jerk who stated that folks who were bashing your great state knew nothing about it when in fact, they knew (and know) plenty about Cali's gun laws and how these laws and their lawmakers have the very real potential of harming the rest of the Union.

I support the NRA, I am 4-H certified in target rifle/pistol (ages 12 and up, 22 rimfire), certified for the last 12 years to teach Ky CCW course, and I vote my in every election that I can.

That said, I would offer Cali my help if possible, but as a registered voter in the state Kentucky, California voters are responsible for their own future.

I meant no insult to the pro-gun folks on the west coast but when someone shows their obvious arrogance, I have no issue offering a response.
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Old 08-11-2014, 19:53   #42
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For the record. Cali is not my state. Just because I defend a people in a state doesn't mean that I'm from it = )

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