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you savvy?
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so this guys walks by this bar and......

sees a sign that says "meet the challenge and get free beer for life".

so the man walks in, asks the barkeep what the challenge is.

barkeep says " first you drink a fifth of whiskey non stop, then you go in that room and remove the sore tooth from the crocodile, then you go upstairs and give the old woman an orgasm".

the man thinks for a minute, scratches his head and says "free beer for life right"?

"yep" says the barkeep.

so the man takes the fifth of whiskey, tips it up and drinks it down non stop.

he sits the empty bottle down and staggers to the door where the crocodile is.

after about 10 minutes of splashing, snapping and all kinds of terrible noise the man comes out and says "ok, where's the old woman with the sore tooth"?

with Sarah Jane, Leela, Romana, Nyssa, and Tegan.

Facts are no match against enthusiasm and ignorance...
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