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Jim and Snow Flake wuz bod patients in some Mental Hospital...

Jim and Snow Flake wuz bod patients in some Mental Hospital. One day while dey were walkin' past da damn hospital swimmin' pool, Bo-Jangles suddenly jumped into de deep end. He sunk t'de bottom & stayed dere. Snow Flake promptly jumped in t' save him. WORD! She swam t'de bottom and pulled Bo-Jangles out. Man! When de medical directo' became aware uh Mary's heroic act he immediately o'dered ha' to be discharged fum de hospital, as he now considered ha' to be mentally stable. When he went t'tell Snow Flake de news he said, "Mary, ah' have baaaad news & baaaad news. De baaaad news be youse bein' discharged cuz' since ya' wuz able to jump in and save da damn life uh anoda' patient, ah' dink ya''ve regained yo' senses. De baaaad news is, Bo-Jangles, de patient ya' saved, hung himself wid his badrobe belt in de badroom. WORD! ah' am so's so'ry, but he's wasted." Mary replied "He dun didn't hang himself, ah' put him dere t'dry ."
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LOL funny joke. I think I need a beer after reading that. That gave my brain a workout;g
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