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Old 05-09-2009, 02:52   #1
Jason M.
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: AZ
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Question for AZ LEO's

I carry almost everywhere I go, this includes to and from work. I commute to South night....driving a very nice truck.
Hence my packing the Glock.

Anyways, when I travel to and from work I don't conceal. I actually have it sitting barrell down in my cup holder with the handle up (holstered). It fits very nicely in there and allows for instant access. Here's my question...

If I am pulled over, my plan is to immediately keep my hands on the wheel and notify the officer of the weapon in plain view. If you are an LEO, is this what you would want me to do? Is this a smart way for me to be carrying? Would you yank me out of my car at gunpoint to secure my weapon? Sometimes I think that what I'm doing would cause an aggressive response by an LEO.
My CCW instructor said I had Glockoma.
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Old 05-09-2009, 10:04   #2
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Smart way to carry? Depends. Remember that anything not nailed down becomes a projectile in a crash....Glocks included. That said, there is nothing wrong with it. My advice isn't specific to Arizona.

When contacted by LE while armed, or near an accessible firearm, I would recommend you turn on the interior light, roll down the window, put hands in clear view (on steering wheel, one out the window and one on the wheel, etc.) and make sure you don't have an attitude. (Yes, it needs to be said. You wouldn't believe the number of "upstanding" individuals that turn into asshats on a traffic stop).


AZ law does not require you to notify the officer of the weapon, but common sense says it is the right thing to do. No need to make a big deal about it. I have advised people to say something like, "Hi officer. Here is my license and insurance. I have my firearm (insert location). How would you like to proceed?"

99% of all the officers you will meet won't make a big deal about it either. Some may tell you to leave it there. Some may ask you to hand it to them for the duration of the stop. Some may ask you to get out so they can take possession of it during the stop. Just depends on the officer.
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Old 05-10-2009, 22:52   #3
Jason M.
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: AZ
Posts: 26
Ok, thanks for the advise. An ass hat is definately something I'm not. I just have heard a lot of horror stories from armed civilians vs the 5.0. Admittedly, I am hearing only ONE side of the story though. I work in LE but in a civilan position, so I am intimately aware of how tough and scary LEO's jobs are.
Nothing but respect.
My CCW instructor said I had Glockoma.
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Old 06-01-2009, 20:38   #4
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I have advice too. Don't go to South Phoenix at night. I lived at 19th and vineyard (Between Southern and Baseline) and quite frankly I was always armed!
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Old 06-06-2009, 14:42   #5
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Isn't it pretty easy to get a concealed carry permit in your state?

Why don't you get a permit, then keep your Glock concealed but readily available in your console or glove box? That way, the cop isn't going to see it and go postal. That could happen, because no matter what Ox says, the civilian isn't the only one who can turn into a "hat" during a traffic stop.

Open carry may be legal, but it is rarely smart. A concealed weapon prevents unnecessary reactions by either good guys, bad guys or cops (wherever they may fall within that spectrum.)
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