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FOID snags

I was recently made aware of a possible problem when renewing the FOID. I submitted my renewel about two months prior to the expiration. I know the state quickly cashed my check since it already cleared the bank. As of yet I haven't physically recieved my new card. So I went to the local fun shop and put money on a new toy, well the dealer said there is a possiblity of a denial from the state. The reason? Well as soon as you submit your renewel form, the state issues you a new FOID number and the old one becomes invalid. So your old card will not be good anymore even though you haven't reached your actual expiration date. Since the state is taking it's sweet time mailing me my new card, I may be in a sort of FOID limbo. The gunshop owner was cool and aware of this problem, so the worst I'll have to do is fill out the forms again, my gripe is with the poor system this state has. I would not have had this problem if I waited until it actually expired, so I ended up getting screwed out of a month. So I guess the lesson is don't renew until the very last minute.
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Good info to know!

I applied for mine back in January and I received it 3 months later!...
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Originally Posted by metro273 View Post
Good info to know!

I applied for mine back in January and I received it 3 months later!...
I contacted my State Rep who then contacted the ISP liason. I had it a week after that...after waiting more than two months.

Don't bother trying to call. The line is always busy or it hangs up on you. Contact your State Rep and see if they can assist. By law the ISP is not supposed to take more than 30 days to approve or deny an FOID.
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Originally Posted by RandyK View Post

By law the ISP is not supposed to take more than 30 days to approve or deny an FOID.
That is correct. Back in the fall and mid-winter, ISP was having tremendous difficulty turning around applications in less than 60 days. It was due in large part to the HUGE increase in application volume. Many citizens considered their slow turnaround time to be deliberate, but as a LEO I had an occasion to speak to command personnel (on another matter, but we discussed applications) and in reality it was that they simply couldn't keep up. They appear to be getting back to normal.

I'm not a fan of the FOID program, but I did support the fee increase from $5 to $10 some time ago. If the state is going to require a FOID program, at least it should be funded well enough to secure staffing that is adequate to get citizens their cards in a timely manner.
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