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Pretty sure it's aluminum my friend.


The Super Carry family – the three models in this line will all have alloy frames, a recessed slide stop hole like on the Crimson Carry II family, a high cut lower trigger guard like on the newest Gold Combat II models, a melt finish & silver KimPro on the frame with black KimPro on the slide making this a two tone gun, Wood Micarta Grips – Linville color (new color for Kimbers), and a bobbed mainspring housing. The sights will have a cocking shoulder like the SIS line, ambidextrous safety, and new cocking serrations called Super Carry Serrations. These serrations will look similar to those on the Raptor slide but sharper and reversed in direction.

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I carry a Pro CDP, but I'm just not into alloy framed 1911s. Who knows, if it really looks good, I may make an exception and get another light weight.

Thanks for the info.
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MSgt Dotson
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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
I'm assuming its got a steel frame. I don't want anymore aluminum framed models.
I suspect alloy.....Super Carry
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Originally Posted by Rinspeed View Post
How could EB file a suit? He simply has a trademark on the name Bobtail, much different that a patent on the process.

per the Ed Brown website:

Bobtail Housing
A unique, patent-pending modification to your Government Model frame that transforms it into a Round-Butt pistol.
however, the Kimber looks like it's probably different enough to avoid any lawsuit.

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