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Old 01-12-2010, 08:32   #1
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G-26 Velocities

Im interested in seeing some data on the velocity that current 9mm ammo is in the G-26.

Not interested in hearing what people think the velocity loss is from the G-19 or G-17 to the shorter barrel of the G-26, but from someone who actually has chronographed the G-26 with various ammo's.

I use the Federal 9BP 115 gr. JHP and I am interested in particular about what the velocity would be out of the G-26.

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Old 01-12-2010, 18:19   #2
woo woo
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Pretty sure Stephen Camp has chrono'd that gun.......

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Old 01-12-2010, 18:48   #3
Bruce M
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If we can believe anything we find on the internet in particular the Ranger 127 gr +p+

"Another reason that this load is popular is that it works well from shorter barrel 9mm pistols like the Glock 26. There's only 23 ft/sec less velocity from the round fired in a Glock than the longer barreled Hi Power. "

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Old 01-12-2010, 20:07   #4
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Get a Glock 33 if you don`t like the numbers you get from the forum.....hahaha!
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Old 01-12-2010, 20:13   #5
Big Sam
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I shoot and have chrono'd some Double Tap 9mm ammo

Double Tap 147gr Bonded +P

G17 1115 fps
G19 1095 fps
G26 1055 fps

Double Tap 124gr Bonded +P

G17 1270 fps
G26 1205 fps

All velocities rounded to the nearest 5 fps.
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Old 01-13-2010, 00:50   #6
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BlackHills 124gr+P runs 1220fps from my G26. Sorry, haven't run it through my G17 yet.
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Old 01-13-2010, 06:32   #7
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Here are some results but I didn't take the G26, Duh........I don't know why I didn't. I will bring that out next range run.


Glock 17L

Fed 115 +P+ JHP 1341 FPS 459 FPE
Corbon 115 +P 1428 FPS 520 FPE
Triton 115 +P 1477 FPS 553 FPE
Win 127 +P+ 1291 FPS 470 FPE
Gold Dot 124 +P 1293 FPS 460 FPE
Fed 147 +P HST 1078 FPS 379 FPE

Glock 34

Corbon 115 +P 1418 FPS 513 FPE
Triton 115 +P 1427 FPS 520 FPE
Win 127 +p+ 1274 FPS 457 FPE
FED 147 +P HST 1079 FPS 380 FPE

Glock 19

Fed 115 +P+ 1227 FPS 385 FPE
Corbon 115 +P 1351 FPS 466 FPE
Win 127 +p+ 1206 FPS 410 FPE
Gold Dot 124 +P 1204 FPS 399 FPE

S&W 940 9mm 2"

FED Classic 124 1087 FPS 325 FPE
Win 127 +P+ 1147 FPS 371 FPE

.357 Sig

Glock 32

Win 125 JHP Ranger 1322 FPS 485 FPE
Double Tap 125 JHP 1400 FPS 544 FPE
Speer 125 FMJ Lawman 1343 FPS 500 FPE

.40 Cal

Glock 23

Win 165 Ranger 1058 FPS 410 FPE
Fed 180 HST 989 FPS 391 FPE

Glock 27

Win 165 Ranger 1008 FPS 372 FPE
Fed 180 HST 959 FPS 367 FPE

Glock 35

Win 165 Ranger 1110 FPS 451 FPE
Fed 180 HST 1028 FPS 422 FPE
Corbon 135 JHP 1224 FPS 449 FPE
Starfire 180 1003 FPS 402 FPE

Sig P226 .40

Win 165 Ranger 1074 FPS 422 FPE
FED 180 HST 997 FPS 397 FPE

Glock 20 10MM

Double Tap 165 GS JHP 1342 FPS 660 FPE
Double Tap 180 XTP JHP 1229 FPS 603 FPE

Glock 21 .45ACP

Remington 185 +P 1090 FPS 488 FPE
FED 230 +P HST 902 FPS 407 FPE
Win 230 SXT 848 FPS 367 FPE
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Old 01-13-2010, 18:21   #8
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Google Firearmstactical.com and glock 26 or 9mm. One of their sample pistols is a 26 with chrono'd results.
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