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Originally Posted by Don-wayne View Post
You could be right. I think its alot better looking than the special forces. I am not too wild about all the names manufactures put on the guns.
Although I don't buy my 1911s by looks. I am not a collector by any stretch. I am a competitive shooter and I buy guns for competition so they don't look good for long. But I would kill for your collection...........
I just don't like having someone's name on my 1911's slide.
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I agree. I was commenting on the over all look of the gun. I hate the gimmicky crap that goes into the 1911 world. Tacticool this special forces that. Just build a nice 1911 with out the billboards and you will sell some guns. Valor is a good example.
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Jason D
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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
I just don't like having someone's name on my 1911's slide.
I don't mind a small logo, or model designation.
While I am a fan of Kimber, their logo is just silly.

The last 1911 I bought only had a small eagle on the slide about a 1/2"X1/4", and a single line of small text with the makers name. It was one of the cleanest slides I've ever seen. I think the only one that could beat it would be a Dan Wesson.
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