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Old 04-03-2010, 20:27   #1
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Bolt jammed on MAK-90

Took the MAK-90 out for a spin today....running black box wolf. Ran 90 trouble rounds down range out of 2 european surplus steel mags and one see thru bulgarian.

Every round fired and ejected. After the last round. I took the magazine out and was making sure the wepon was cleared. I pulled the bolt back and let it go a couple of times and it jammed in the forward position. I was unable to pull the bolt back it was stuck. The hammer was rested in the forward position also. Had to use the range table edge against the charging handle to get the bolt unstuck....put it back in and it got stuck again.

Anybody got any ideas about what the problem mite be?
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Old 04-03-2010, 21:34   #2
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I would be looking at the rails see if one got bent.

was it a factory mak-90 or one built from a kit? I had a tantal on a receiver built from a flat that would do that. took a rubber mallet to unstick it. replaced receiver with a quality one, and problem gone.

there really isnt much in there that could stick it up unless something broke or got bent.

you could also check the lugs on the bolt and the barrel. if something is clogging them up, that could lock it too, but thats kinda unlikely. would have to be something big, like a piece of thick metal.

after reading your post again, look to see that your bolt carrier is moving on the rails. if one side jumped a rail, or both are on top of the rail, it will lock up too. there is a notch in the carrier that the receiver rail is supposed to run through. with the cover on, you cant see this. the gas piston will keep things moving in the right direction. if the carrier is not on the rails correctly, the bolt cant go into battery since the closer the carrier gets to the barrel, the more friction builds. If this is what is happening, dont cock it anymore til the carrier is riding correctly or you could bend your rails.

I have seen rifles where the cut that allows the carrier to be lowered onto the rails was too far forward allowing the carrier to jump the rails at random.
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Old 04-04-2010, 14:45   #3
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Join Date: Jan 2010
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Thanks for the input. I got the rifle out to clean it and check it out. I must be blind I saw right away what was the problem. Seems the lever that locks the gas tube in place had turned up a bit and during the course of shooting the gas tube had moved a little cuse it wwasnt locked in. So the piston was hanging up on the top of the gas tube.

Easy fix, just reseated the gas tube and made sure the latch was turned down. So if your bolt gets stuck make sure the gas tube is seated and secure.
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