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outdoor shooting (not at a range!)

In Central Illinois.
I have a friend that has a small amount of land, not the greatest for rifles or such. Just kind of a stand and shoot place.

Im wanting to know if anyone knows of any serious land to shoot at?
I grow tired of seeing youtube vids with people shooting and training in acres upon acres of open land and having a blast.
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I live in central Illinois as well, I have a range at my house, but when I get out the rifles there are numerous pastures, most of the time the farmers do not mind, just gotta ask, most of them also gladly let me coyote hunt as well
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There are ranges out here, but they can be hard to find or hard to get into. I shot at my mentor's house and still am welcome (by his widow) to come back any time. It is a 100 yard range on private property in the country with a RR tie backstop filled with sand.

It took my 7 years of waiting on the list, but I finally got into the local gun club about 10 years ago, and they have a pistol, 300-yd. rifle, trap, and 22 silhouette range. Unfortunately, they have extremely strict rules about only shooting paper targets that are stapled to wood butts at the berms, so not very fun or flexible...

The bottom line is, if you are jealous of those nice outdoor ranges on youtube, you need to move to a state where land is cheap. That's what I plan to do when I retire...
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