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Question about legal issues involving lasers

Great new addition to the site! I was having a discussion with a friend about the new Laserguard I put on my G27. He was saying that if the gun is used in a defensive shooting, that a civil attorney would be all over me because of the laser. "If the laser shows you exactly where the bullet will hit, why didn't you shoot him in the arm to stop him?" I told him, that argument is ridiculous, and the many reasons I had to believe so. What do you think?
"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."
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Most of the DA tell me it all depends on what you say when you are questioned by the police. First of all I am not a lawyer nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn express last night lol. First get a lawyer. than remember the reason you have a laser on your weapon is to limit the posibility of not hitting anyone but the threat. It also acts as a detterent If you say I tried everying before I pulled/pressed the trigger including using the laser to deter him from his course of action. Even if he does not speak your language the laser speaks the international language. Stop or somthing bad is about to happen to you.
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