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Old 02-28-2010, 19:56   #1
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Early K9 Problems

It's kinda strange for my first post on Glock Talk to be in the Kahr forum, but here goes. I'm the original owner of a 1st generation K9, SN AD18xx, box marked 6/95, that I bought 1/96 as my first carry gun for the (then) newly-created Texas CHL. Although the gun was ergonomically perfect for me (and still is), I experienced some issues as it was breaking in. Nose-down FTF in magazine and FTC with cartridge halfway in the chamber were the two issues that exhibited themselves, along with noticeable deep-seating of bullet in case after several chambering cycles from a locked-back slide.

While the FTC issue seems to have been eliminated by break in, and I've learned to deal with the bullet seating issue, the gun still exhibits intermittant nose-down in magazine FTF's, even after changing out magazine and recoil springs with Wolff products (23lb recoil spring for +p+ ammo). The nose-down FTF issue appears without regard to ammo type, occurring on standard-pressure ball ammo as well as all types of HP.

My question is, has Kahr changed anything in the design of the K9 or the mags to enhance reliable cycling since I bought my gun (I have the two original mags, one replacement bought with the gun, and another recent replacement, all 7-rounders that look identical)? It's really heartbreaking for me to lose trust in the gun and replace it as my primary carry arm, as it's really the only handgun ergonomically perfect for my smaller grip size. I've thought about sending the gun to someone like Cylinder and Slide for "enhancement", but the description of their services doesn't seem to address reliability issues. Does anyone have any suggestions, or recommendations for a gunsmith that can address my cycling reliability issues?

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Old 03-04-2010, 22:53   #2
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I had an early K9, s/n AG07xx, that I bought new in Jan 1997. It had a blued finish. The gun ran fine for a while. I had nose dive feeding problems after I changed my lube strategy. I originally used clp at every location. When changing to an all weather grease on the barrel hood and rails I started having the problems. I finally tracked it down to the fact that the clp had been getting on the feed ramp and allowing the bullet nose to slide up the feed ramp. Without the oil getting down there the bullet nose was hanging up between the slide stop and the portion of the feed ramp that is integral with the frame. The only round it would feed was Federal 9BP (which has a narrow nose). I don't remember if it would feed FMJ's. I ended up trading the gun with full disclosure. I'm guessing there was a problem with either the feed ramps or the slide stop.
I now own 4 stainless steel Kahr's without problems; K40, K40 covert, K9 and MK9. I use the all weather grease on them all. I would suggest that you call the factory and talk to them about your gun.
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Old 03-05-2010, 22:23   #3
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Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Texas
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Thanks for the input, eltee, I will call Kahr as I haven't talked to them yet. My nose-dive FTF's are IN the magazine before the bullet encounters the feed ramp, so I think I have a mag problem.........I replaced the springs in the 3 old ones with new Wolff springs, so I'll experiment a little at the range the next time by swapping ends on the springs. Haven't even shot the new mag, so I'll try that one, too.

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