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922r and it's relivance to title 2 firearms

In the past, it was generally accepted that 922r did not have any bearing on Title II firearms. In fact, there were supposedly BATF letters that explained just that. However, I have recently come across a supposed scanned BATF letter explaining the exact opposite. In this case , that a short barreled rifle must still comply with the requirements mentioned in 922r. Is it now generally accepted that 922r applies to Title II firearms and is that stance justified? I do realize that BATF letters are generally interpreted as only applying to the situation and the individual that it address, but many people base their actions on these letters. Though the BATF may expect one to do so, it is not reasonable for every would-be Title II firearm owner to be required to write the BATF before completing a Form 1 or arranging to purchase a Title II firearm.
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Zak Smith
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The old letter from 1994 seemed pretty clear. The July 24 2009 letter seems to totally contradict it. They may have changed their position or they may have a criteria which has not been elaborated in a letter yet.

This is not legal advice, but it's probably safer to abide by the most recent letters until the issue is settled by subsequent letters issued by the BATF.
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