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I own a rem Nylon 66 rifle since the early 70's & I have shot a lot of woodchuck's with it using nothing but either CCI stingers or Rem Yellow Jacket's, one shot kills are not uncommon with these round's out to 100 yds.
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I'm a fan of cci stinger. Louder than your average .22, more fun!
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Originally Posted by mboylan View Post
SK Standard Plus or Wolf Match Target will do it without breaking the bank. $415/5000 all day long at Champion Shooters. You need something that will group about an inch at 100 yards. That means subsonic match ammo.

High velocity goes transonic and buffets at longer distances. Accuracy falls apart.


But for best accuracy you will need the more expensive match ammo like Ely or RWS.

And by the time you start spending $15 a box for that stuff you might as well get a .17 HMR and shoot it. At 100 yards the .17 HMR is much better then the .22 LR.
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