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Old 04-15-2010, 07:00   #1
darth board
steel killer
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ruger markIII4

i'm planning on getting a ruger markIII4. it's a classic design but i don't have any idea about it's performance. the rear sight is fixed and i don't know if it's zeroed in from the factory. i prefer dead center sight.
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Adjustable sights

Ruger makes a model with a 4 inch barrel and adjustable sights
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Old 04-15-2010, 13:13   #3
Glock 17L
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I also suggest that you look for an adjustable rear sight pistol as many different ammos place differently & with the fixed you'll be limited..
I've only had one 4" MKII & prefer the longer barrels & longer sight radius..
If your gonna shoot it, Which you should BTW, You will want an adjustable rear sight..
Also Ruger sights these pistols with a Bullseye target were there aiming lower than the point of impact, I prefer shooting dead on & will turn the rear elivation screw counter clockwise to my specs of shooting style & ammo, with the fixed sight your limited..
There are some 4" bull barrels out there with adjustable sights..
Also I prefer the MKII over the MKIII..
First the magazine won't drop out without modifications as there's a magazine disconector safety, also this makes breakdown more trouble too..
The mainspring Lock/Safety is just an add on to make liberals happy..
The loaded chamber indicators have been known to cause trouble when they get caked with rubbish, alot of people are replacing them with an aftermarket part..
I likes the look of the MKIII magazine release button but without a MKII bushing & hammer + a Volquartzen magazine ejector it isn't gonna work like a 1911..
Just some things to think about..
Many folks like the MKIIIs & have great luck with them..
Also don't overlook the 22/45 MKII/MKIIIs as they fit the hand more like a 1911 & the newer ones can be had with 1911 style wooden grips, but they have a polymer frame.
Here's my Favorite Ruger Pistol
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Old 04-15-2010, 16:11   #4
Jason D
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I bought a new MKIII512M.
I did the Volquartsen treatment to it, but haven't had a chance to shoot it.
The reason is because the mainspring housing assembly fell apart.

The pin fell out, and the mainspring and little roller ball went flying.
I have been waiting for over two week to get my part back from Ruger.

I didn't get any action on their end, until I got a hold of a real live person.
They fixed it last friday, and I sent in a check Monday.
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Old 04-16-2010, 13:42   #5
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I have a 4" stainless Mark III target with a bull barrel, and it's a lot of fun to shoot! Everyone who's shot it likes it also. It's pretty reliable, I'd say on par with a 10/22. You have occasional jams, but not too common.
Assembly/Disassembly took some getting used to for me. I had to look it up on youtube, even though it explains it in the manual.

I prefer the look slightly over the 22/45, but that's just MHO. The Mark II is also a good choice.

All Mark III "target" models have adjustable rear sights. I would consider adjustable rear sights necessary.
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