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the Emerson Persian

My local knife dealer is trying to get me an Emerson Persian folding knife but advises me they are on "indefinite" backorder. Any chance of another production run in the near future or should I start checking or a used one?

I'd heard the shape of the Persian folder is based on a fixed blade, can you give us a bit of history on why it looks the way it does?

There seems to be some love/hate for the design, some say its too much of a curve, other swear by the Persian. I look forward to trying it myself.
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Ernest Emerson
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Re: the Emerson Persian

Dear Ffolkes,

Right now the knife is on a standby basis for manufacturing. We never completely retire any model. However, it is not currently being made and there is no definite time for a restart. The folder is a "folding" version of a fixed blade I made over 20 years ago. It is based on a Persian Sabre design, shrunk down to a folder. It cuts incredibly well and is wickedly sharp. It takes some getting used to since there is so much blade and so much curve. In the end I guess the love/hate thing is like the way some people like Fords and some like Chevy's. I like Chevy's I have a beautiful fully restored 67 Camaro.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson
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