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Old 07-07-2013, 08:28   #1
Giblet Head
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Interested in getting into archery

Hey everybody

I've got some more money than usual on-hand, and would like to get into archery. I think going into this will gain me a new skill, a weapon with replenishable and reusable ammunition, and a new hobbby.

What should be my first steps in becoming proficient in archery? Are there any particular YouTubers who I should look up? What kinds of bow and arrows should I look into getting, as a beginner? I've seen some not-dirt-cheap bows at places like Dick's Sporting Goods. Are those worth a crap at all?

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I pretty much have the same questions.
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You will shoot your best, with a bow that fits you. Taller people have longer draw lengths than us short people. Some companies bows can be adjusted greatly, others can't. I would try to find a local bow shop, as opposed to a big box sporting goods store. At Dicks, you might be talking to a guy from golf who had to cover for the archery guy while he's at lunch. At a local shop, if he's been around a while, it's 'likely' that he'll be more knowledgeable.

Look up the staff shooters for Hoyt, PSE. Dave Cousins is a great shot, and has been for a long time. Find out what he shoots. Start with a good bow, you can upgrade your arrows (the original reloads) as you improve.

Remember, number your arrows, and bounce number three off of a tree the second time you shoot it. It's an old family tradition. I still don't know why. (I'm kidding. Don't do this.)

Lancaster Archery Supply has a website and some pro shooters ideas to get you started.

I hope you have fun.
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Old 07-08-2013, 13:49   #4
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Here's my 2 cents,
As one of your reply posters suggested, find a pro-shop, not a big box store. The pro-shop folks are a lot more knowledgeable about the art and will take the time to fit you correctly. In addition a good pro will educate you properly in the use of the equipment. You should be able to try out the different offerings that they have in the shop. You need to decide as to whether you want to shoot a wheel bow (compound bow) or recurve bow. The compound bow is kind of like the dirt bike of the archery world compared to the expensive 23+ speed road bikes (Olympic style Archery). You can get involved in field archery tournaments with 3D targets as well as 2d targets, indoor and outdoor, and of course hunting. If you decide to shoot FITA style (Olympic) you are pretty much limited to the rarified world of purist archery tournaments and be prepared to spend past 2K for suitable equipment.

It is an incredible sport and I have not regretted a second that I have spent in it.

Have a great time at it.
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The other posters have covered everything, so all I'll add is that it is a wonderful way to enjoy the shooting sport.

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Old 07-12-2013, 06:02   #6
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Try to find a place where you can try stick (long, recurve, and horse) and wheel bows.

What you like may change as you gain experience.

I started out w recurves in the 60s, tried wheels in the 70s and again in the 90s, have stuck w sticks since. Like trad long and horse bows now.

Archery Club

Some good instruction in the beginning can save a lot of frustration later trying to unlearn bad habits. The instruction should be of the type of shooting you plan to do. FITA/Olympic training v 3D/Hunting for example. The basic foundation/roots may be similar, but the ends of the branches are very different.

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lethal tupperwa
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good advice,

get Fitted by someone

that knows how to fit You.
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